Monday, December 10, 2012


Just when I thought I was done with some of my volunteer duties, things were leveling out and my guard was down.....I managed to turn over my responsibilities of Secretary/Publicity/Fundraising January 1st of 2012, BAM, at least one has come back to smack me in the back of the head.   The woman who took over as Secretary has decided she doesn't have time - need I mention she only took on the Recording Secretarial not the website, fundraising, publicity or other many hats I was wearing for the group.  (Note a little anger on my part.)  I guess this type A personality doesn't have patience for people who are not organized.   I used to.  I used to sing that merry song of everyone brings something different to the plate and something to offer.   Guess I must be getting too old for that bunch of bull.   I guess, too, I could have said NO! but this is my little old lady group that I fear will fold without my participation.  No, I am not that vain, they are that old - mid to late 70's all of them.  The old adage - ask a busy person rings true.  I guess now that I have that off my chest I should be more charitable.  I don't know her life.   I don't know what stressors she has and I am the DIM WIT that somewhat volunteered to take it on until......

But I need not to wallow in this self-created/self-pity.  What I need to do is attack each assignment immediately and be deaf when the next lament for help is run up the flagpole.    I think it frustrates me because had I known......(which I believe she knew she was reneging resigning)....I might have been better prepared to deflect the request and not feel like I had to be the savior.    It makes me angry to have things I don't want to do get in the way of things I want to do.  Maybe I need to take a vacation day to sit home all day in my pj's and work on getting everything up to date.

OK, bitch session over.   Pulling up the big girl pants.  Organization is the key.  I will dedicate an hour every Sunday afternoon to the Arts Alliance to keep them current and I will say NO! to the next thing they try to hand over to me.    It is time for some new blood in that organization.  In future, I will be like the majority of society that has little bitty alligator arms when it is time to raise their hand and volunteer for a job.