Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Good and the Bad

First, the good.....I am so excited to have to finishes to share.    First up, I completed the stitching and finishing on my ornament for my exchange at work.   I am happy with it and think the little branch arms are the cutest.    I really thought the plaid fabric was what I wanted to use, but the little holy print looked better in the end.  

I also finished stitching Jingle All the Way from Scarlet House.  Neither photograph nearly as pretty as they are in person.   I plan to finish it as a pillow with rick-rack and a rusty jingle bell.

And now for the bad not so good news...looks like even Little Miss Amy won't make it home for Christmas.    She has work deadlines and will be working the weekend before Christmas and I am sure will be working from home on Christmas eve to get two mergers complete.   Two days off is just not enough time to drive the 13 plus hour round trip.  I am sure she will share the day with friends (Britney!)  It is always the single girl with no children that gets to put in the extra hours.  So unfair.   The upside is that one day she will have VP after her name for sure.

Thankfully all the children are healthy, happy and employed.     So we will Facetime and Skype and have phone calls between us and it will be different with just me and Mr. W.   I am truly thankful that my children are well and one day will come home.   Something not all my friends can say.  

Perhaps it will be a day to spend watching the Christmas Story marathon and stitching and maybe even start a new project.  Oops! Can't do that.   Have a 2013 EGA Challenge that starts January 1st so I will have to refrain.


Faith... said...

WHat cute finishes! I love the little branch arms.

cucki said...

aww such a cute snowman ornie..
lovely stitching too..
hugs for you x

Chris said...

Lovely finishes. I love them both.
Sorry that your daughter won't make it home, but it sounds like you will still have a lovely holiday!