Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's up with blogger??

I promise I didn't even play around this time.   Too busy with holiday prep and events.   Somehow the way my blog is seen on my iPad has changed to the 'mobile view' or how I am used to seeing on my cell phone.   Not as much functionality, no links to other blogs.   And tonight, my holiday template is gone and the colors of my type are changed.   Looks like a sort of typesetters argument going on here!  Blue lettering???   Geez!  A bit of fiddling around and I have the holiday template back and the blue letters gone but my page is all squished up. Anyone else experiencing random bits of change to their blog?   We know I don't like change!  at least not change not of my own doing.  I will try to get to the bottom of this.

PS  LOL  One problem corrected and another crops up!   I have the view I want on my phone and my iPad but it has a beach theme and now here too.....hmm to think of it, maybe that is not a bad thing.   Enough messing about for me tonight.   On to other things.......like financial reports and stitching!!!!

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