Friday, December 21, 2012

Conversation with my son

Son:  We are looking forward to your visit.
Me:   Me too.   I am excited to be coming out to see all of you. (Exciting about seeing, not so excited about the drive alone.)
Son:  What time are you leaving your house?
Me:   I plan to get up, pack the car and head out early - by 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning.
Son:  Call when you are an hour out.
Me:   I will text you from the rest stop on the turnpike when I stop for coffee or gas.
Son:  Well,......after you are off the turnpike, call before you get to the mountains.   We are expecting  a foot of snow and the pass maybe be closed.
This is what I envision my drive will look like!
Me:  Ummmm, OK.   (ACK!!  #@$^#&%(@!!! The pass?!?! WTH Sounds like I am driving into Pike's Peak or something.  Fleeting thought of the Donner Party.)
Son: You will have to drive north at the capital, get on the interstate and come into the valley from the other direction. It could add an hour or so to your drive.
Me:  ......ok.....(An hour in good weather probably.  Double ACK!! I have about 6 inches of ground clearance and drive a flipping hybrid!!)
Son:  Don't worry, mom, we have great snowplows out here.  It will be an awesome drive.
Oh boy, this is more than the typical snowplow.  I wonder if this is what he is talking about.
Me: .....ok.....(his idea and my idea of awesome are quite different.   Let's hope this one of the times when he tends to exaggerate right?)

Good thing little red just got a new battery and four new tires! If a fat man in a red sleigh can make it through Monday night, I guess a fat woman in a red car can too.  In typical fashion I will pack all kinds of water and snacks and fruit for the drive and in case I drive into a snow bank never to be seen again until the spring thaw.


Lynn said...

If you could drive to the Catherine Theron can do anything!!! If you chicken out around the Lancaster/Reading Exit 286 you're only 15 minutes from my house, a port if there's a storm.

Anonymous said...

Hope you hae a safe trip Robin! Happy Holidays - Sarah