Saturday, December 1, 2012

Good thing about snowflakes

I have managed only a tiny bit of stitching in this last week.  Kind of feel like I have lost my stitching mojo.    I made such progress during the first part of November on BRD/A Little Quakeresque, even surpassing my hopes to finish 6 hexagon sections.  I managed 14 before Thanksgiving and then lost interest.   I have found all along on my journey of this particular stitching project that I have to be in the mood to want to work on this one.   I don't know what up with that!

I did start and nearly have completed Jingle All the Way by Scarlet House.  Good thing no two snowflakes are alike because I have made some boo-boos on these.  

I'd better get that mojo back.  We exchanged names for a secret exchange at work.   Even though I am not supposed to know who I have, I recognize the hand writing and I want to stitch up an ornie for her.   I can share it here once I pick it out since she is a non-blogger and probably is unaware of my secret internet life.

Happy stitching and deck the halls!


cucki said...

beautiful stitching x

Anne said...

Love your progress on BRD!!! Jingle all the Way is so pretty! Been wanting to stitch that one! I'm sure your secret santa will love what you stitch for her :D