Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to judge a good person

It is that time again....decorating the house.    Thankfully, Mr. W. brings everything down from the attic in his garage and helps me carry into the house.   I go about my business of decorating and emptying tubs which I place just outside the sliding glass door and they mysteriously disappear and are stowed back in the attic until I need them again.   He lets me do all the house decor - choosing wall  colors, furniture, arrangements, yard, flower beds and holiday decorations, so I don't dare say a word about how he put up the outside lights.   Let's just say, we have different design aesthetics.

I have always applied this formula for getting a read on someone......
 1.  How they get along with children;
 2.  How do they get along with dogs; and
 3.  How do they handle tangled Christmas lights

Hope no one was judging me when I was fretting with the 'pre-lit' tree.   Geez!  Everything is lit, walk across the room and a section is out.  Walk back, it is on, repeat this several times.   I check every bulb, twice; changed the fuses in the cords; same result......sometimes they are all lit and sometimes they are not.   There was a time when I would have really fussed about it.   I mean really in the whole scheme of things, does it really matter if one ring around the tree is out?   I am not having any holiday parties for anyone to notice and question.

My tubs o' stuff waiting for my decorating expertise.  all that and there is even a bag of 'new' And And there is even a bag of "new" decorations there on the top.   I decided on a new color scheme this year or call it too much disposable income to spend in bargain bins or call it too much time on my hands or call it what it is - insanity!   I have decorations for a traditional tree decorations (hallmark ornaments, etc.); I have a complete kitchen themed tree with cookie cutters and mini-whisks, strung popcorn and cranberries, and red and white gingham; I have a woodland themed tree with pine cones and squirrels; I have a flower tree with nothing but bunches of dried flowers; so who needed a new themed tree?   Insanity, like I said.    I did up the woodland tree with pine cones and squirrels in my dining room and then did up the other tree with red, gold and my new Grinch green!  Only two trees this year.

 I am humming Karen Carpenter's words "the lights on my tree, I wish you could see....."

 Grinch Green garland on the top of my Hoosier cabinet.
Now, at night with the lights on.
I carried the Grinch green to my coffee table.  Nestled the two candle rings to carry the color through the room.   They are snugged in around the wine corks I save.  I try to date and add initials to them to commemorate the date.  Looks dark because the flash wouldn't go off.  

The stairway before
 The stairway after - probably a little more tweaking will be done here.  
 My woodland tree in the dining room.

My Lefton pieces.   The square candy dish was my mom's and I snatch up any pieces I see when I am out junking.

OK, enough of a time-out for me.....back to those tubs o' stuff!


Chris said...

Your decorating is beautiful!

Jeanne said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your decoratng. Can anyone really have too many trees? LOL We traded in our big artificial one a few years ago for 2 smaller pre-lit ones - love not having to put on those 1200 lights now. However the trees are pretty full because I can't resist buying more ornaments every year! I like the Grinch green that has become popular in recent years. Hope your holiday season is all you wish it to be!