Saturday, December 29, 2012

Post Christmas Visiting

Really enjoyed my visit to western PA.   Talk about snow.....people are freaking out here with flurries today like it is a blizzard......I arrived in State College as the snow started.  12-inches later it was done and roads were clear and there were no mad dashes to the store for milk, bread and toilet paper or people panicking like they were be holed up til spring.  I don't know why the folks in my neck of the woods have weather panic issues.....but enough.
Now this is snow!

We stopped by the Lemont Cafe which was unfortunately closed for the holidays but look what I spied!   They still have a Milk Man that delivers milk.   I didn't know they did that anymore.  I remember the milkman and the Glenside Dairy bottles and the Bond Bread man every Saturday with his big tray of breads and pastries when I was growing up.

  This is the campus of Penn State and the view from the window where we ate lunch.  

 We ate lunch at "The Corner" in that little upstairs bump out room. 

The big smiles are because this is probably the fourth attempt to get a decent picture.  
The first three were funny faces! 

 We walked through Spring Run Park.  View from the covered bridge.

 We weren't the first to make tracks in the snow.  

 That's a ski slope where it is white in the side of the mountain.  Wouldn't that be cool?   A ski slope in your back yard.

As you can see, no stitching progress to share.......and probably none to speak of.........I arrived home from State College and was shortly thereafter greeted by two daughters!   Glasses of wine and boatloads of giggles and laughter quickly ensued.   Today we went shopping to a specialty yarn store, a quilt store and then to a consignment shop.  Tonight, more laughter, love and maybe a little bit of wine.

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Patches said...

I grew up in that area. its so beautiful. the corner room was always one of my favorite places to eat.