Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Finish

but not of the cross stitch kind but one long overdue.  I have two  some things that I just need to spend an afternoon, a day or a weekend on so that I move them to the completed column.  I tackled one of those tasks list this weekend.    The closet in one of the bedrooms upstairs.   It seems to have been a catch all for anything I didn't have a place for.   It took Mr. W. some time but he finally re-did the shelving which meant I could paint the closet.   Not one to hurry into anything, Mr. W. did the shelving in fall but with the holidays and vacation and everything, I never got around to painting.

Painting meant everything came out of the closet.   How did all this junk my stuff fit in there?   It is a small walk in closet but I am still amazed at all that came out of the closet.   And in my defense, some of it is a left over from a kid or two that didn't take it with them.   

Painting lead to ripping out the last remnants of wall to wall carpet in the entire house. (Mr. W. is not happy......"I paid good money for that......"    as opposed to BAD money?   Seriously it was close to 30 years ago. Over the years there have been Barbies and Legos and prom gowns and hockey gear and soccer gear and a band instrument or two and Fireman's gear  but I am taking it over to better store some of my hobby 'stuff'.

I am glad it is done and as much as I want to put everything back - after of course some major decluttering - but I will let the paint cure on the shelves until next weekend.   What a work out pulling the tack strips and staples out.   My body is not happy about sitting indian style on the hard wood floor.   Even though I have my own personnal padding, it  didn't take long to have some sore sitz-bones.  Why do men put some many staples in the padding anyway?   Because they can!   

Yeah!  Last two shelves to paint.

So I finished up and cleaned my brush and roller and took the second best shower of a lifetime - the first best shower of your life is the one they finally let you take after pushing a tiny human out of your nether-regions.  I just let that water pound on my neck and shoulders and then took the time to sooth my dry skin with some great lotion.   Ahhhh.......
I made a casserole yesterday and leftovers for dinner are on the menu with stitching in the future for my evening.   I started Jingle Bells, Christmas Tree Farm from Victoria Sampler.   It is definitely not going to be a fast stitch.  I am about halfway across with this first band.   I am anxious to get the entire band done so I can use it as a gauge.  

Tomorrow is a holiday and I thought I would go into work anyway but I am having second thoughts.   I think I will tackle cleaning my craft room.   Another place that become a catch-all over the holidays!  And that won't feel like work at all as I sort fibers and floss and fabrics and window shop through magazines and patterns.


Julie M said...

Good job on the cleaning out and getting the carpet up and painting finished. That's a lot to accomplish in one small weekend!

What a cute start! I am looking forward to seeing more of this project!

Anonymous said...

We found that by taking one box at a time of the things our children left at our house and placing them in their car each time they visited we were able to get rid of most of their storage items at our house. Of course, we had to become a little creative in hiding the boxes once they found out what we were doing. We'd also take a box along with us when we visited and loving place it in storage at their house too - LOL.

Pat L