Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ever see a dog get distracted by a squirrel?   Well that is totally me.  I didn't work on my craft room yesterday as I had planned (and boy does it NEED it) but rather I just HAD to start putting everything back in my freshly painted closet.  On the left starting at the top: wrapping paper and ribbons with a couple 'emergency' hostess type gifts; next my hand weights and some of my children's childhood story books I just can seem to part with; yoga mat and yearbooks on the next shelf; and last on the floor, all the family photos and photo albums. 

Now to the right from the top down:  all the games; next some of my cardmaking and paper stamping supplies with some of my basket supplies; followed by two more shelves of basket supplies!  These shelves are two boxes deep!  OMGosh.....I could make a basket for every household in town.  It might look messy in the photo  but  trust me, in person, it is a glorious sight to behold.    All like things are together and organized!

I finished the room by wiping down baseboards and just generally cleaning the room.  Room is all ready for me to pull out that yoga mat and do some exercising or more than ready for a weekend visit from one of the kids.

My children are redeemed.   Below are the only things in the closet that were 
theirs with the exception of the games and some stuffed animals.  

This the stack o' stuff that I need to get to Goodwill or somewhere!   The boxes under the desk have been sorted and inventoried.   What is on the top is yet to be done.   I wish I knew someone with booth at a consignment shop because some of this is too good for a thrift store donation.  Mr. W. said put it on eBay or Craig's list but I don't want to add one more thing to my list of things to do.  Maybe  I will make some calls this weekend to see if the local consignment shop will make me on offer on the lot.   OK, one room down and 6 more to go (plus the attic and the two sheds)  I think I just signed up for 8 more three day weekends of work!  If one room neat and sorted makes you feel good; then a whole household sorted and decluttered will be a fabulous feeling. 

I did take a couple of time outs during the day to add some trees and finish the cabin on my Christmas Tree Farm sampler.   The cabin still gets some icicles using kreinik floss and beeds for christmas lights but I will wait to add them last.   I did run the snow across the bottom to the right to the end of the band so I am over halfway across the first band!  Yeah!

I ended by day with a fabulous dinner out in Old New Castle with my sister and brother at a 300 year old tavern.  Great atmosphere and delicious food and much laughter.  I think a 3-day weekend once a month should be a law!  

 I have my first class at the Apple store tomorrow at 8 a.m. so I am writing my questions down.  I am getting used to my new laptop but still have some blogger and website issues to ask about.

Stay warm and dry all and may your stitches be plenty and your frogs few.


Julie M said...

Congrats on the organization Robin. It all looks good. It's a great feeling to have everything together and in it's place!

Love the Christmas Tree Farm!

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog. Some wonderful stitching here!! I haven't blogged for awhile but hope to post this week. I just want to say what a wonderful friend you are for cancelling your cruise and bringing your friend back for her father .I hope you get there soon .