Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doing a drive by here

So much to tell....been a busy little bee.....don't want to spend too much time so I will give you the Reader's Digest version.

Continued the sorting and tidying frenzy all week by spending an hour or so in my craft room each evening.   Down to two boxes that contain 38 years of paperwork history.   Going to use the same hour each evening and *POOF* before you know it  it will be done!

So because my craft room was all spiffed up, I work on finishing the Candy Corn piece I finished  stitching earlier in the month.  I usually don't use pins but I think finishing needlework is an exception.   I seamed it up, turned and stuff and all need to do is a few hand stitches to close it while watching TV tonight and I will be done.  I will post a pix at my next post.

Took all the February decorations down and did up my tree with snowflakes.   I girl can dream of snow can't' she?

I repotted two of my orchids last week and they were looking desperate pitiful afterwards but I now think they may make it.   My third orchid is getting ready to BLOOM!  Yeah!

Spent a little bit of time this morning on my Christmas Tree Farm Sampler and I can hear it calling me right now.
 Of course I didn't follow the straight and narrow and complete the entire band before starting the next one but I have a good reason.   I worked on this at stitching group the other night and there was no way to do the continuous counting for the random evergreen stitches and chit chat too so I had to lay in the field of little feather stitched trees.    My pledge is to complete the top band and do all the specialty stitches, except for the beads of course, and then move on to the next set of trees.   They are Queen stitch...maybe the reason I am delaying that band.

Since my craft room/sewing room was in working order, I started to seam up the baby quilt I am making for my great nephew.   I had pretty much cut everything last summer but never started it.   The fabric is adorable.   His daddy is a heavy equipment operator so the front end loaders  and cement mixers are perfect.    I did sew the first two of the seven rows together but I deleted the pix.  Oops!

So much for the Reader's Digest version.....I'd hate to know what the unabridged version would ook like.  It was great having a Saturday with nothing to do and no where to be. this what retirement will be like?   Again, a girl can dream.


blue star stitcher said...

Wow, you really have been busy. I love your Candy Corn piece, can't wait to see her finished.

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I found your Blog.... I love your stitching...and your other photos as well. I love reading your Blog. It is interesting...

I am now one of your followers and I would love for you to be a follower of is the link to my Blog:

Happy Stitching
Linda K, Railroad

cucki said...

wow everything is so lovely x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love your Christmas Tree Farm Sampler. It's nice to have something you can stitch and chat at the same time!

The quilt is great too, the fabrics are perfect. Can recommend Margaret Mayo's book Dig, Dig, Digging for him. there is a whole series but that one has diggers etc!