Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happiness is....

driving home from work while it is still partially light outside......been a long couple of months but such is the life of the Exec Admin to a CEO and major deadline hit on March 1st, next deadline to be met on March 8th leaving one more major hurtle in March and then back to (relative) normalcy.  LOL - it really means time to catch up on all that has been let slide.    I am actually looking forward to the break I will get with Jury Duty later this March.

So what's happening.....I've had two classes as the Apple store so far and have learned a ton of stuff.   I will definitely schedule some more.  Right after I clean up the 5,500 photos I have on my MacBook.   Somehow (? I am sure I did it?)  there are more than a few duplicates.  I am working on deleting duplicates, assigning an event, a face and/or a place to the others.   It is pretty cool to see all the pins popping up on my map.  Even cooler was using my Apple TV to show my albums on the TV.  An hour can pass before you know it.

By the end of a long week, I was pretty much brain dead and used my On Demand to catch up on some shows and wound some floss.  Queued up Zero Hour and started with the pilot.  During my Grand Sort Out of closets and cabinets I accumulated a gallon zip lock bag of unwound floss so I decided to make quick work of it as I watched.

Yesterday, to continue the mindless busywork I thought I'd work on my quilt ....what could be difficult about seaming up quarter inch seams right.   I had all my fabric cut, sorted and stacked by rows.   Simple enough.....pick up a row and just seam it up.

First three rows lined up and ready to join. did this happen then?  
Row 5 is definitely one inch shorter than row 4.   Where's a seam ripper when you need one?  All I could find was the puny little ones that come with your sewing machine.  I wanted my tried and true blue Dritz seam off to visit a new to me local quilting store.  One seam ripper and $75 later I was home with some new fabric, new patterns and a list of upcoming classes.   I'll share my treasures next post.   It is a sickness people!

Here is what greeted me in my dining room earlier this week.  Yeah!  I can grow orchids!  I have found that basically neglect works best.

And on the Christmas Tree Farm front.    That little thing called work has interfered with my stitching time but I am still amazed at how much progress one can make when they dedicate their efforts to just one project and not a dozen WIP'S!  The band with the cabin is complete except for the beads which I will show restraint and not put on until all the stitching is complete.   

Those pesky Queen stitched trees.  While each individual Queen stitch (I thought) was executed identically, the end result is they are not.   I blame it on the varying size of the linen threads.  Sorry, the pix is blurry.   Can't seem to get a close up with my camera anymore?? Operator error I am sure....probably ticked off a different option when scrolling through the camera menu.  

Thanks all for visiting and wishes for a great week for everyone.


Peggy Lee said...

Christmas Tree Farm is beautiful!
That pesky work...get's in the way of our precious stitching time!

Catherine said...

Great catch up post! Here's to spring and things slowing down!!

cucki said...

super sweet post and cute stitching x