Monday, March 4, 2013


I can finally spill the beans on some computer work I have been doing.   I created a blog for the sampler guild I belong to as well as updated their website - it hadn't been updated since 2009!   I completed my work in early February but needed to wait to share the information.   An email has been sent to all our members and I am sure I will get some feedback at our meeting this weekend.   I hope to post after each meeting as well as after each event.

We have lots to work out as an organization like should we include first and last names, do members wish to share their email address, etc.   I have learned so much since joining the guild - Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild - as well as shared good times and meet so many great people and made some lifelong friends.   It is so nice to be with a group that shares like interests.  Please check it out and if you are nearby the Hockessin Delaware area and share the love of stitching, please check us out in person!


Lynn said...

You've done a great job Robin!!

DebbieSFL said...

The website and blog look great!! Kudos to you!!

Jeanne said...

Good for you Robin -combining 2 interests computers & samplers - woohoo! So many times the guilds or chapters have no one to help them with their computer needs so that's a really nice thing for you to do.

Looking at your last post - such lovely things. I've got Christmas Tree Farm and so want to stitch it but already have so many other things going. Great job!

Susan said...

Robin, what a great job you did! Thanks so much for all your work!

Anonymous said...

Robin, you did a fantastic job - thanks so much for all your hard work.