Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of One

Another finish!  I've been know to be a bit of a project jumper.   Flitting from this project 
to that, good ole side track Robin.  Remember last year, I started the year with 25 WIP's/UFO's.  
So far this year, I have been working on one project at a time.   What a concept!   Sure can 
mark projects off the to-do list working on one at a time.   I may just turn over a new leaf!  
So, I finished this up this morning.

 Started 1-25-2013  
Competed 2-12-2013
With thy Needle & Thread's Candy Corn
Weeks Dye Works Linen 
Recommended Threads

Look at the difference in the appearance of the linen color.   The top was photographed in my sewing room and the bottom, on the kitchen counter.   The linen color appears closer to the actual color in the bottom one. I am going to need to spend some time soon finishing all the different projects I have stitched!   I hope to finish the Candy Corn first as a 'dry run' to finishing O' Tannenbaum.  I am sure this new found method of my madness will not last the entire year but for now, which project will I start on......hmmmmm.....decisions, decisions.  

PS - I managed all three of today's posts on my new MacBook!  There is hope for me.


Carrie said...

I love your witch! Congrats on the finish!

I wish I could learn how to just stitch one thing at a time.

Ranae said...

A cute design
Love it!!

Laura said...

Your Candy Corn witch is so cute. I look forward to seeing your finishing with it.

ohiofarmgirl said...

It looks wonderful. I have almost given up stitching. I love it but somehow I don't make time for it. I have a few projects I need to finish then I will have time to think about it. Dianntha

Chris said...

Lovely finish.
So glad that the computer is cooperating!