Saturday, March 30, 2013 coming

Poor Daffodils.
Don't know what happened to spring time! This is what greeted me Monday morning.  I guess I will just continue to surround myself with silk flowers in and around the house.    Despite the weather, I did manage to have a great week.  I finished reading the Girl with the Pearl Earring.  Loved it.   It was a quick read and I will probably read other books by Tracy Chevalier.  I made a difference in life of a sick friend.   I ended the week with a smaller pile of jobs at work that I started the week with.  I started work on finishing a project.  And got notified by the IRS that we received the status memo in error!  I take all victories, larger or small, and enjoy them.

My own bit of springtime

Two stitching buddies and I set out this week to finish O'Tannebaum which we each stitched earlier this year. I am not sure if we were the Three Stoogies or the 3 Musketeers/one for all and all for one  with our attempt to finish. But misery loves company when you are afraid to jump in and start the task.  This is all I am showing you for now.   He is assembled and partly stuffed.   Carol's husband is retired home builder/contractor and he is cutting us wooden bases for the bottom.   Funny thing I heard on GMA just this morning, that 71% of woman prefer a man who wears a tool-belt or is a DIY type guy.   I agree and am thrilled Paul is cutting bases for us.  I am also happy we will each have this completed before we go back to OCMD on retreat at the end of April and we can share them there. show them off there to the shop owner where we bought the kits.   Diane from TN will have to send hers up for us to do the machine part of the finish.

I spent yesterday with my sister and we laughed and giggle until we had tears and our sides hurt.   We alway get silly when we are together.   Our husbands just shake their heads and don't get it but that certainly doesn't stop us.   We each did some hand sewing, sharing of project status and then did a little junking after lunch.    I picked up a couple or three goodies.

I picked up this little sherbet cup for a dollar and had an idea in mind.  


After...I know I have a little glass dish around somewhere.....must
be under a plant somewhere. I need to find it and replace
the white one with the glass plate.

I love this little basket and even though I don't need it, I just couldn't leave with out it.   I felt it was one of those items that I would regret it later if I didn't purchase it.  I'll have to get some easter grass and some eggs in it later today.

 And then I got this little guy.   Isn't he cute?   Yeh, I know, I am supposed to be downsizing and decluttering.
 I just love a three day weekend!  So great to have time to be run errands, do some creative things as well as housework and shopping with that third day off.

Hoppy Easter everything and my best in stitches to all of you in the coming week.

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