Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tackling some loose ends

A couple weekends ago I helped my daughter do a grand sort out of her craft room.   Before we were done I was admonishing her because once we were done sorting all her fabric almost  every box or bag or container we opened we found more fat quarters of fabric.   Well, let me tell you, those words taste good!    I sorted and organized ALL my fabric too recently but yet each I have worked in my craft room since then, you got it, I have found another stash of a few fat quarters.   Like mother, like daughter I guess.

On Sunday I was feeling like doing nothing but yet didn't want to sit and stitch all day and just increase the size of my backside so I retreated to my craft room and I cut my 1930's retro fabrics.   Remember my little basket was full?  
Not anymore.  I am ready to go here.   I have 10 squares completed and estimate I need 20 more for the quilt top.   Should be a breeze now that everything is cut in 2 inch strips.  I need to get myself into a schedule each morning because heaven knows I wake up early enough.   I took a quilting class a few
years back and the teacher told us if we set up what we want to work on next at the end of each sewing session you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a half hour.  I am going to challenge myself to a half hour at the machine and a half hour on the treadmill before having that second cup of coffee and stitching before work.   My sister and I are planning a sewing day on Friday so maybe I will have more progress to show.    I really need to get this quilt top completed.   I showed my sister this technique at the same time I started this and she has finished a strip quilt like this and probably 3 or 4 others too!  I better put in the fast key!

One thing I also did on Sunday was to divide all my finishes into two piles - to be framed or to be finished otherwise.   I matched up each piece that I don't plan to frame with fabric.   I am not sure if I will make standups, or pillows or what but I am one step closer to getting these out of the to-do basket.  Please don't mind the wrinkles.  I just grabbed them out of my finished basket and didn't stop to press them.

I think I am happy with my match ups.   Three day weekend coming up so maybe I will make some headway.  Happy stitching all!


Andrea said...

Love all of your fabric match-ups. they're going to look fantastic.

NerdGirlNicole said...

I LOVE the plum berry match up and especially the jingle all the way one...wish I had that red fabric!