Sunday, March 24, 2013

Springtime and new starts and re-dos

Remember that 18 months of IRS BS with my non-profit.....seems the Cincinnati IRS Office doesn't communicate with the Lexington IRS Office.   Cincinnati tells me I am re-instated retroactive to the end of status date with no lapse in 501c3 status.....Lexington Office however wants to DING me and make me persona non gratis for not responding to any of "their" attempts for me to complete paperwork!  What attempts?  ARGH!!! But enough, I have the letters from Cincinnati that I will forward to Lexington and do their work for them to update their files! Just another irritating speed bump in the life of volunteer work......just another bump closer to pulling up all my stakes in the land of volunteerism.   But enough....

I have frogged a bit......I used the recommended floss for the modified eyelet trees but against the blue linen the trees were invisible.   Crazy to do all those pretty stitches and not be able to see them.  They are hard to see except where they are outlined by the snow.  I deviated and used a different floss from the package.  The floss on the left is what I used to replace the suggested floss on the right.  I was hesitant thinking how could I question the visionary eye of Victoria Sampler but a friend put me in line, it's my piece and I should do it to please me!   What a concept!

Here is the overall progress to date.   I think I am ahead of schedule on my self-imposed deadline of April 30th even though I haven't stitched on it too much this week.   Work and the possibility of another kidney stone are getting in my way.  It's been a couple of years since the last kidney stone but I feel like I am experiencing the same discomfort I did early on last time.  And this too shall pass...sorry, I just couldn't resist.

I started a new project.   It is on my NBS EGA Challenge list and before I get into big trouble from straying from the one project at a time method.....this is my carry along project.   Scroll bars are not that easy to carry to and from work, so a started Icelandic Christmas Sewing Set.  I started my work on the smalls.   The pattern called for the beautiful red silk floss but I ventured out of the box and choose this blue from WDW.   I liken the blue to icy cold and snowflakes.   I have seen it completed in the red and it is beautiful so I hope I am not making a mistake.

Spring is here on the calendar but they are calling for snow tonight!  I have the spring flowers out in the house to brighten up things.  Even my bears are dressed for spring and awaiting the easter bunny.

The best kind of easter is ceramic.   I picked up this and another one at a recent junk shopping trip.  

I am itching to get outside and start putzing in the yard.   So much so that I cut a bunch of babies off my spider plant to start rooting them.   This guy hangs in the house by winter and on the deck by summer.  It and my ferns really thrive all summer in the humidity.

Yesterday I went on a bus trip to Alexandria VA to the Annual Woodlawn Exhibit.   We had a slow start with the bus delayed an hour and a half in construction traffic while we waited at our pick up spot on the DE Turnpike but it is all good.  Friends and chatter and Carol's great strawberry muffins helped make the wait pass.   Sorry no pix from inside Woodlawn because it is prohited.   It is a lovely day and so inpsiring to see the variety and quality of the workmanship.   We all enjoyed the day, the luncheon by Nelly's Needlers and the door prizes on the bus. We all came home inspired and wanting to stitch.  The annual show is the entire month of March.   A must stop if you are in the area.

So excited, one of my orchid is still blooming.   They seem to really thrive on neglect.  You wait all year for that four to six weeks of bloom time.   Yeah!  Now I just need to get the other 6 to show some flowers.

While I was cruising the I95 corridor past the Washington Monument, Mr. W. was home meeting with my landscape guy with my drawing and list.    See this sidewalk to nowhere?  Soon it will be gone.   The former owner of my house had his insurance office in what once was the back bedroom with this separate entrance.   Well 31 years later, a house reno or two and now this door would, if it could, open into my walk-in closet in my bedroom.  It is time for the sidewalk to go and although I enjoy doing the majority of my own yard work, I know went to admit something is more than I can handle.   Heck, the landscaper can come in with his bobcat and make quick work of removing the sidewalk.  I can't wait to see his plan and hope he can plant the trees and shrubs I picked out.  

This week brings my IRS paperwork follow up, some website maintenance, a special stitching night to do some finishing work with friends and a day of stitching up some quilt blocks with my sister on Friday.  OK, that's all I got!  Hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Kimmie said...

My house plants are begging to be put on the front porch. They don't seem to understand that we're suppose to get another 5 inches of snow today. LOL

llknbillburg said...

I was at Woodlawn yesterday too!! My husband came with me and we got there just about the same time as the bus. I bet we saw each other and didn't know it!! It was a great show and I hope you and your ladies had a good time too! Laura

Anonymous said...

wonderful pics, loved the egg

Carolw38 said...

Love reading this blog. I can't wait to see what your landscaper has planned either.