Saturday, March 16, 2013

I fell off the treadmill

Not literally but in the same way people say they fell off the wagon!    I have never been mistaken for my athletic prowess so it is not that far-fetched for me to have literally fallen.    Just like Rudolph I was never asked to join the Reindeer games but I digress.

I was diligent at my latest attempt at fitness.  In the past I would get frustrated with no progress and quit after three weeks.  I also never wholeheartedly did the two prong approach.  It was either portion control and watching what I ate or it was exercise;  this time it was both.   This time I really stuck to it.  10 to 11 weeks later I had lost 0.02 lbs. and given that we women usually fluctuated 2 to 4 pounds in any given day I think I could have actually gained weight.  None of the BS about about muscle weighing more than fat satisfied me so I fell off my treadmill routine.   Funny thing, the first week AFTER stopping, I lost six punds.  I guess I am just destined to be a Rubenesque in my body type.

No treadmill means less I guess I will hop back on and be happy with the cardio, blood pressure and cholesterol benefits even if there are no benefits shown on the scale.

But enough already,  here's what little stitching-related I have been up to.  I had the foolish thought that work would lighten up after deadlines came and were met......funny ha very little needle and thread progress is being put down.

This is my Candy Corn finish finished.   It is a bit lumpy but practice makes perfect on these kinds of things.

I saw this pattern a few years back at a quilt show and it was one of those regrets immediately when I didn't purchase it.   At the time I didn't take notice of the name or designer so I was happy to find this recently in a local quilt shop.  It is called Zelda's Witch Hat and it is life-sized when finished.  It takes 9 fat quarters of various blacks which I picked up this week on a side trip to Lancaster County.  This appeals to my sewing side and my stitching side with the crazy quilt embellishing.
Of course a few new fat quarters after shopping with my sister lead me to showing her some recent purchases in my craft room which lead to me needing to do a sort of all my fabrics.  You know we keep every scrap and bit of ribbon or trim for someday  and she helped me with my hoarding of bits and pieces the error of my ways and I started yet another sort out this morning. 

I have kind of divided by color and need to subdivide more.   It became obvious real quick  that everyone folds fat quarters differently.

I pulled my 'collections' and kept them together.   A fave of mine, Aunt Grace and 1930's Retro fabrics.  Wrapped in the ribbon are strips I have already cut for a strip quilt I am working on.

Then there are these which I know are just perfect for some sort of stitching purse or bag and I think I have just the pattern.

 It is fun to 'shop' in your own stash and find gems you forgot you bought.  What better way to spend a misty damp afternoon.


Christine said...

The candy corn witch came out great!

Catherine said...

Your candy corn looks wonderful ~ and those fabrics ~ love!

EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats on the finish! You have a quite collection of fabric there..