Monday, April 8, 2013

Gardening 1.1.2

You know what is know a little bit about a lot of things.   I love working in the yard but by no means am I a true gardener.  I don't know one plant from the next and love the look of wildflowers which many call weeds.....but I can edge a mean flower bed, spread mulch, pull weeds, push a lawn mower well and handle a wheelbarrow among other yard and gardening type tools and tasks.  I am also very good at creating and moving flower beds.  See I start a lot of things and then.....get bored and move on....Squirrel!...... so it is a surprise that I am starting Year 2 of a vegetable garden.  Let's review last year what I learned:
Last summer's overgrowth of tomatoes after a
beat down from a summer storm
  • Small plants grow large and your garden is never big enough
  • Plant fewer tomatoes
  • Enjoy dinner salads right from the garden every night
  • Don't plant more than you can eat
  • Put lime on your bed in the fall.   Oops, missed this one last fall.  Already have a note on my calendar for October 2013 to do this.  
Easter weekend I weeded and tilled my garden bed.  It was so good to get my hands back in the dirt.  I added  2 cu. ft. of vermiculite.  Don't know if I needed to but figured it couldn't hurt.  I planted seeds this year so we shall see how well I do.  I might have to get plants from Home Depot or similar if I am unsuccessful with the seeds.   This year I put in carrots, beets, two kinds of lettuce, zucchini and radishes.   I will add beans, tomato and pepper plants later.  I am still a newbie to this so I have that fun new thing anticipation going on.
My goofball frame that will (hopefully)be eclipsed by
growth before the summer's end.
Look at my crazy paint stick seed markers!   Improvise people, use and reuse, that's my motto.   I've got my cages in place for my tomatoes and peppers.  Just one beefsteak and one cherry tomato this year.

I used plant stakes from last year to create this frame for the zucchini to climb.  I still need to string it with clothesline or similar for climbing.  I think the lettuce will be fine underneath.  If not, I was mark it up as what I learn this year.   If this year goes well, I may have to convince Mr. W.  to build me another raised garden square.

Here's to spending as much time as possible outside this week.   Seems like I have come across the reason for not much stitching progress going on.

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Shebafudge said...

Good luck with the garden. Hopefully you will have a good year with it all :)