Sunday, April 7, 2013

DR Update or 1 Degree of Robin

When handed adversity you can a.) feel sorry for yourself and wallow in it or b.) get over it, learn from it and move on.   Let me are my super awesome I love them new Dining Room chairs.   Five side chairs and one captain's chair.
And here they are again from above.     Does the keener eye of a cross stitcher who can detect the subtle differences between DMC 501 and 367 catch my issue?   I finished my table beautifully if I do say so myself, but I choose the wrong stain color.   Kind of doesn't match the chairs.    I blame it on the fluorescent lighting in the home improvement store and the fact the everything I do seems to be one degree off the mark.    I must have chosen one shade to the left of how the leaf matched the samples in the store and then choose a stain one shade to the right of the color chart at Home Depot.  I also believe the more you do the more opportunity you create for making a mistake.  I don't live in the safety zone by sitting on the sidelines.  Nope, not me.   I try stuff even though I know my results end of one of three ways:  I botch it up; I leave it half finished; or I do a spectacular job.  So, next weekend, I will resand and restain the table and all will be right with the world and I will have a spectacular finish.  I consider last week practice for the final job.

Not a too bad match with the lights off.     It is just a table and about 8 hours worth of work.   Come on people, can't get too distressed over it.   Besides it gives me more time to consider my accessories and how I might want to rearrange the room.

Really, it is about perspective people.   It is fixable and it is not like my name is Richard and I broke my leg in three places yesterday like my son did on the ice hockey rink.   More updates on that once he speaks with the orthopedic surgeon on Monday.   For now he is in a stabilizing cast and on great pain meds.   It was good to see his silly face on Facetime last night after seeing the x-rays on Facebook earlier in the day.  Times like this are when it sucks that your kids moved away.  I feel for his wife!  LOL

For now, I am off to the garden to see what trouble I can get into out there!  Have a great week all and happy stitches to you!


carolw38 said...

I think you did a beautiful job, so sorry it doesn't match.
It looks like the chairs have a hint of grey or black to them. Maybe that is just the light from camera.

Nancy said...

Robin, you did a beautiful job on the table. I know you are going to redo the table but in my preference...not that it matters, I would be redoing the chair seats in the color of the table. I have always liked the color of the table. I know you will do a beautiful job of redoing the table and matching it with the chairs. I have a habit of being slightly off on color also. It never fails. LOL