Saturday, April 6, 2013

Suggestion for Yankee Candle

Last weekend I tackled the job of refinishing my dining room table.  Years ago when buying furniture it was more affordable to buy the better quality unpainted furniture and refinish it myself then buy the particle board stuff that was really in my budget. So refinishing the table again didn't scare me.  What I have is a massive trestle table that we used as our kitchen completed with two benches and corner piece that made an "L shaped set up, or, as friend would is like eating a Denny's and sitting in a booth.   Until last week the table was about five years past needing to be refinished.  Last week I moved the table top outside to sawhorses and sanded. I forgot how much I love the smell of sawdust.  I wonder if Yankee candle makes a sawdust/fresh cut wood smell?  But I digress...... I started with the 80 grit on my hand sander, moved to the 120,  then hand sanded with 220 and finished with 0000 steel wool.  Baby bottom smooth.   I stained the first coat and let it dry outside before moving it inside for the second coat.   Three coats of polyurethane and a much smelly house later, even Mr. W. made a comment that it looks good.  I think I might pull the steel wool out just one more time for a fourth coat of critical eye detects brush strokes in a couple of places.

In March I purchased new chairs for the dining room that I am picking up in Lancaster County PA this morning.  I am excited about my new chairs.  My sister helped my decide on Windsor style chairs with black backs and maple seats.  The black worried me but it was so much richer looking so I went with it.  (stop being so conservative Robin!) My friend Barb reminded me what Ed of Trading Spaces used to say.......every room
This is from the store's website.   It is the
style but not the color I choose.
should needs some black in it.  Shopping my own house I was surprised at how much I had that was black.   I think I will changed out some frames from gold tone to black.  About ten years ago this room was changed from a TV room to a dining room and has become one of my favorite rooms in the house.  I always thought a dining room was a room that seemed to be saved for holiday dinners.   Not mine.  I am happy with my update so far and will post some more pix when I get it all pulled together.  I am sure that will involve rearranging the whole room!  OK, maybe now, back to stitching......


Catherine said...

Looks great! You will need to post a pic with the chairs!!

Catherine said...

Oh ~ and not sure how you are traveling to Lancaster, but if you travel at all on 896 and are hungry, I highly recommend the Bullfrog Inn ~ yummy!!