Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stitching Mojo

I've lost my stitching mojo and have no desire to work on my current WIP. This bottom section is the last and it requires my paying attention to the pattern.  Not the relaxing part of the stitch.    Maybe because I have myself knee deep in other projects.   I did enjoy stitching in the dog.   As I stitched him I was thinking he was a black lab or a Rottweiler both dogs that I love.   I was imagining him bounding about in the snow only as a big dog can do.

Here's where I have been spending my stitching time.   I (finally!!) finished this baby quilt for my sister's grandson.   Even though the fabric is cute and I am generally pleased with the result, I think I am just tired of looking at the fabric.  Maybe I am feeling not so thrilled because I am second guessing the backing fabric I choose.   I just took a free-motion quilting class and am anxious to try it on something other than placemat sized test pieces.   This could be the piece!

While hopping around the internet looking for the free motion class, I found this.    You spray this on your quilt top, your batting and your backing and make your quilt sandwich WITHOUT basting or pins!!!   I will let you know if this works at good as advertised.  

Here is where the rest of my stitching time has been spent.   I have 12 of the needed 24 12" square blocks completed.    I was playing with the final arrangement last night.    (Nice use of my yoga mat there underneath the squares.)     I don't know if I like the zig-zag pattern here or the squared pattern shown below.     At the rate I am going, I have a long time to figure it out.

I  hope between being in the yard and sitting at the sewing machine I can eek out some cross stitch time.  I need to my cross stitching mojo back soon so I can meet my self-created deadline of the end of April to finish my piece.   It is retreat time at the end of April and I ALWAYS start a new piece while in Ocean City.   Happy Stitching all and have a great week ahead.  


Anonymous said...

Now Robin - just because you haven't finished one or two or five or ten pieces before retreat doesn't mean you can't start a new one. I myself have put Grace Mason down and started a new piece. What's with that! Must be retirement kicking in. I love your quilt and thought it interesting to see that the zig-zag layout looks wider than the square layout. Interesting optical allusion.

Pat L

Deb said...

It seems like the quilting bug is grabbing you more than the stitching bug!! I've been the same way. But with that said your stitching looks wonderful, but your quilts are just as nice!! I really like your string quilt. The colors are so pretty. And you'll have to report as to how the basting spray works. I bought some but have never used it. I think I heard that you need to be in a well ventilated area though.

Catherine said...

What a sweet baby quilt!!
And, as for the dog ~ I vote Rottie!😜