Monday, June 17, 2013

Feeling good

I didn't take that ride to the shore that I had planned this weekend......I emailed my sister Thursday night and kind of built myself up all day Friday that she would reply that she'd join me but she had a wedding to go to.   Imagine that....the nerve of one of her in-laws getting married on a Saturday afternoon in June!
So appropriate to be hanging in my craft room.

I decided to tackle some half completed projects.  Doesn't it sometimes bogs you down when you don't know where to start.   I pulled out my trusty timer and set it for an hour and started on a task.   First up,  a little yard work, followed my craft room which becomes a catch-all.   Every fourth hour of my rotation was the reward - one hour of stitching time.   Repeat as above and substitute with other tasks.  My weekend with my one hour snippets of time on different odd jobs did as much to sooth my soul as a total escape to the beach.  Part of my time was spent in the yard.
Harvesting my lettuce
Beans are flowering
Jersey 'maters on the vine!
Making a return visits after many years absence
They are Alpine Strawberries that produce June-July-August
and don't send out runners!  Win/Win
Cukes and peas climbing their trellus
Lantana - so much prettier in person.
Purple Cone Flower
Bachelor Button's
Near the Sea of Shasta Daisies

My new method on stitching (work on one project start to finish and for the most part don't stray to another) must be rubbing off on my task list.   Even thought I hopped about between tasks I am working on paring  down the list by clearing up some loose ends, painting a bit of trim here, pressing and rehanging curtains there, fixing a rip in pillow, hemming a pair of pants (funny I'm the seamstress and I'm the one with pants too long!), etc.     I can't believe how accomplished in two days.    There is something to looking at the timer and seeing I only have 15 minutes left on that task that makes me move faster.   A bit of a control freak I guess.  Look, I have to do something to entertain myself with Mr. W.  on the road and this year I don't even have a cat to keep me company this year.  I did talk to two telemarketers since Friday night and talked to television last night while watching Saturday Night Live.   And I almost forgot, I had two visitors to my garden.

Mr. Frog took a swim and Mr. Snnaaakkkeeee decided to sunbath.

Delegating time helped me finish Witchy Washy complete with buttons, sequins and beads without feeling guilty for spending all my weekend stitching.  The witch's bloomers called for Colonial Knots but I jazzed them up with the sequins and beads.   I think  stitched faster knowing my time was limited to an hour.

Witchy Washy by Raise the Roof, 28 ct. Picture That Plus Lugana in a shade of mottled lavendar
A girl's not ready without the right shoes.

Maybe this explains why some witches are cranky.   Sharp
and bumpy bits sewn to their unmentionables!  I guess I'd be cranky too.

I haven't decided if I want to include the lettering "Witchy Washy" or not.    I have a little bit of time to decide but I won't let it do too long.....don't need this hanging out there on the partially completed column of the task list!  Feeling great about all my accomplishments.


butterfly said...

Great stitching, love the photos of your garden,sounds like you had a very busy weekend hugs.

Chris said...

Great update! Your garden looks amazing.
Great stitching progress too, I love those colored buttons on the bloomers.

Marexstitch said...

Love this piece!