Thursday, June 20, 2013

I've strayed

from the straight and narrow of not starting anything new that wasn't on my list.    It always happens about this time of the year.....a little reward for my diligence to date.   But I have an know us stitchers, we ALWAYS can justify a new start.    Gift stitching and class stitching projects never count as a deviation from your to-do list.

I am getting ready for a two day class in Sturbridge, MA with Jeannette Douglas.   We are starting to get emails about the schedule, ordering t-shirts, selecting meals and a count-down to the event.   Getting excited!   Part of the event will include a voluntary exchange of smalls with a patriotic theme.   I flipped through my patterns and found something I bought from Sharon Verbos of The Purple Thread.  Sharon's patterns are great and come kitted up with fabric, speciality threads and embellishments.

For the exchange I am using stash;  I'll save her vintage ribbons and wool fibers for my own little red, white and blue strawberry.   I started Wednesday night and am pleased with my progress.  It's going to be a quick stitch. (another reason it can't count - finished in under a week)    I usually don't participate in these exchanges because I guess I am intimidated by the other fabulous finishes.  I think by the time we are done stitching on something we are tired of seeing so our own work doesn't look as great to us as it does to fresh eyes. Hope to have this all stitched up and finished by the end of the weekend.

AC if off, windows are opened, crickets are chirping and it has actually been about 36 hours 
since it rained last.  It's all good on a Thursday night.  Here's hoping for a dry weekend.


Chris said...

It sounds like you are going to have a great time at the class. I can't wait to see your reports on it!

Penny said...

Love the little patriotic strawberry! Hope you enjoy your class! :)