Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIS-Grace Mason

This is the Grace Mason - Of Female Worth Sampler.   I am afraid by the time I finish, I may well be a DIS-Grace to the hobby of needlework.   Susan, (see Susan's finish) of my Delaware Guild stitched it and when we jersey girls saw it, we thought, hey let's do it as a stitch a long.  Six of us are doing it together.  Of course there is always an over achiever who jumped ahead and finished already.  It has been interesting to see the look on different count and different color linens and with small color changes some made.  A couple of girls are about halfway and another just started to I figured I was due to jump into the mix.   I've been churning out a finish a month so far this year but I think this will take quite a bit longer.

I finished my patriotic small for the exchange at Stitchers Hideaway next week and am generally happy.   I think it looks decent enough to gift to someone.

Exchange finished and Grace Mason my love of a BAP on my scroll frame and of course I had to start something small.  You know we all need that little take along stitchy project to throw in the tote bag or purse just in case you have a few minutes at lunch or get stuck in a waiting room somewhere.  This is the third in a series from Bent Creek and of course a no brainer since it fits the patriotic theme.
I picked this up at Salty Yarns a few years back.  The center and right hand designs are stitched and framed and in my red, white & blue powder room.
Last of the series, the house on the hill.

Some more posts shortly to catch up on my adventures....one involving a biker I wanted to ride away into the sunset with.  Not in the bad boy biker/Sons of Anarchy way kind of way......more like the tall, blond, blue eyed rancher tip your hat and call ma ma'am kind of way.   Oh my.....


butterfly said...

Lovely stitching, happy 4th of July for tomorrow.

cucki said...

Super sweet post..with beautiful stitching and lovely exchange gifts
Have a lovely day x

Catherine said...

Love your goodies! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!