Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Stitching Time

See those tell-tale stitch marks at the bottom.....
yep, frogging been happening
I have managed a few stray stitches here and there between things.   It still amazes me how we get the feeling something is missing when we  don't get our stitching time in.   Strange I know.   So here's my progress and status on my current WIP's.....

First - my SAL from my Delaware Stitching Guild.   We do three rows each month.   I am really struggling we Row 7 - the colonial knots.     It is 'knot' that I can't do them....I just can't do them in even rows as the chart and photo indicate.   I need to see how the others handled this at our next meeting.  I moved on and I stitched Rows 8 & 9 last night and ripped it out Row 9 with my morning cup of tea.

So hard to see the white on white even in person!
Row 9 - Insertion Stitch #1 - What the heck!  I finished it great but seems
I miscounted the first series and there was no way to correct without starting over.

The all too familiar evidence.  Guess I am having trouble counting to two.

Next, Victoria Sampler's Christmas Tree Farm.    This has been about 3 dozen stitches away from being finished for at least 6 weeks.   Oh the shame of that statement!    I've run amuck again and went off to start something new and left things nearly complete in a heap.  I need to put in the ole stitching key and get a move on.   I ordered the frame from Joanne's but I will stretch, mount and frame myself.
Really pleased with this project.    I was intimidated to start
this one for so long.   Glad I got past that roadblock.
Poor little featureless snowman.....I need to give him a face and arms
and put the bow on the wreath.
Third, fabulous new fabrics I just had to have.   Here is the link to the quilt I have in mind for these.     It is called "Aubrey".  I guess that would mean I should devote some time to the other five quilts in progress.   Oh to be burdened with Crafting ADD.  I certainly didn't need the fabric but I couldn't live without it at the same time.   Mr. W. is getting ready to hit the road again for 8 weeks so maybe I can spend some of those evenings working on the backlog. Wouldn't that be fabulous to have Monday be quilting night, Tuesday be yard night, Wednesday be stitching night and so on.  I have no stitching schedule.....just seem to pick up what I am in the mood for.

Fourth, a new venture......I have this darling all cut and ready to stitch.   I picked this out when I re-did my dinning room and wanted some black accents.   This should be a piece of cake to stitch up.....all blanket stitched.  Might be a good one to take to stitching night so I don't ended up frogging much of what I stitched while chatting.

And last but not least, my current main stitch is from Raise the Roof.    I started this April 26th and should have been finished by now but that is a whole other story that I have put to rest already.   I think I want to finish this as a wall hanging instead of framing it.   Hmmm, I see a list starting for the quilt show in September.  I have a bit more stitching to do before I have to decide.
There's a second tree and birdhouse to the right
to be added and of course, the basket to finish.   

So that's me and my stitching update.   For today, trip to Costco, more mulch moving, lamenting over a pool that is leaking and an evening of needle and thread time.  Happy stitching all.


cucki said...

wow you busy bee...such sweet stitches..
i love all your projects so much..
love and hugs x

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a lot of stitching and stuff done!


Catherine said...

Wow ~ that insertion stitch looks crazy!!! Love your stitches and all of your projects.

Deb said...

WOW! You are a well rounded crafter! Love your work. The Victoria Sampler is wonderful!

Penny said...

Some pretty stitches in your Guild piece! I have to say that insertion stitch looks almost impossible. :) Love Christmas Tree Farm and you're almost done!

Parsley said...

You have such nice crafting skills. I have to say..though I don't quilt, I LOVE the fabric you've shown so much it makes me want to learn!