Sunday, July 7, 2013

Not so DIS-Graceful Start times 2

To my surprise, Grace Mason is moving along quite nicely.   I have done a bit of the border which is a pleasantly simple repeating pattern.  Not to get tired of stitching just the border, I started stitching up some of the letters.   I figure I will add to the border once the alphabet starts to pass the border.  

In addition I started an outside project today.   Me and my silliness thought it was a one day task....wrongo!  I painted a rug (or almost painted a rug) on my deck.   About ten years ago I painted a rug on the unstained deck using little bottles of Folk Art paint.   Over the course of summer sun and winter snow and seasonal power washing, it soon was washed away.   This time, I used stain.  I'm hoping it will last longer than the paint.  The best part I got what are called 'sample can' of 8 oz. of stain at a $1.99 each.  Sure a lot better than buying 4 gallons of stain!    So here are my steps....

I taped off the area I wanted as my rug and started sanding.

Several sheets of sandpaper later I was 
wondering why I stained the deck two coats 
only two weeks ago only to now be removing some of that finish. 

Oh and see that green peeking through.....remnants of my old rug.  But not to worry, I am hoping the stain with cover it.  

Got out my trusty quilting rulers to help me lay the painters tape.  
Green strip done

Yellow strip done

And entire rug, not quite done.    It was a little more on the old girl's bum hip painting a rug on the deck in 2013 than it was in 2003.   I took relief every now and again by floating in the pool because it sure was a hot one today.  I will continue the white squares and come back and paint the unpainted squares  yellow.  It looks good from the top of the bridge as we say.....up close, don't be checking it out because if you need absolute precision and perfectly straight won't find it here.   It's a rug on a deck not a work of art.  For now, I am off to my class in Massachusetts and finishing this will have to wait until I get back.
Here's a look at my first rug from 2003.


Catherine said...

Love this!!

butterfly said...

Love your deck rug , what a great idea.

Peggy Lee said...

Oh WOW...I absolutely love it! We are just building our new deck and I'd love to do something like this but the back of the house is open to full sun...and I mean F.U.L.L sun!! It would never last.
Can't wait to see it completed.
Oh and did you say pool? I'm there!

Chris said...

Great progress on your sampler. That is a pretty border.
Wow! Your deck rugs are amazing!!!

Lynn said...

Love the rug!!

Ma Teakettle said...

OMW Robin, that is both amazing and beautiful! I love both the 2003 and todays rugs...I never would have though about painting a rug on a deck...brilliant! It has been hot, I commend you working outside in such heat.
PS...have a good class :)

Andrea said...

Your painted rug is great. I've never seen that done before.

Julie M said...

What you've done so far on your rug looks fantastic! I was going to ask how your body felt after that but see that you addressed that issue! I don't think I would be moving at all having done what you did.

I want your pool!