Sunday, July 7, 2013


We have managed to string several sunny days in a row.  Super hot but that can be remedied with a dip in the pool.

Well this has been a summer of many drop in "visitors".   Or should I say varmints!  Not all of the two legged kind.   Let's see - I am overrun with bunnies that ate my spinach down to the ground in my garden until I put up a chicken wire fence ;

a red-tailed hawk perched on top of my mulch pile (with a squirrel in his talons! - yuck);

a bull frog that creates the need to keep the sliding glass door shut in the evening to drown out his croaking;

a garter snake - who I forever believe will only be found exactly where I last saw it otherwise I would no longer weed any flower beds; 

Almost stepped on a turtle just a trudging along;

moles in my planting garden - I followed the advice of friends who told me to flood the tunnels which went well for about 2 minutes until I visualized little moles scurrying about like Rose and Jack and all the others in sterrage in the bowels of the Titanic trying get their little lifejackets on and to climb out and get to the lifeboats and I had to stop; 

   and the piesta la resistance'  a groundhog.   I saw what I thought was yet another bunny hopping in front of the garage, so I got up from stitching to do a little stretch and walk out on the deck.....what to our mutual shock....up the steps and getting ready make himself at home by sunning himself on the deck was a ground hog.  We both froze, I screamed get out of here, he squealed and disappeared and I fear is living under my deck!

Oh and there was the run in with the raccoon in the parking lot at work.......I get the feeling this is some sort of force field or magnetic attraction around me that is saying......"for a good time, to to Robin's yard" and the animals are obliging!   Either that or with the record breaking rainfall we have experienced, they were looking for an Ark.  I hate being such 'a girl' watching where I step for fear there is a snake or critter about.   I liked it much better when I hadn't had a visual of any of these pests in my yard.  I think I need a dog to patrol my yard and keep the varmints at bay!

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Catherine said...

Are you turning into Dr. Doolittle?