Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Get-a-way

Me and my Matey (my BBF) had a get-a-way weekend in Lancaster County PA.   Such pretty countryside to visit.

First, let me give you the the Reader's Digest version of the term "Matey".   Several years ago, I helped Deb and her husband move into their new home.   Deb and I was were alone at the new house when the cable crew arrived.   We walked around the house with one cable guy as he was reviewing where the TV's would be located.   Deb whispered to me to go back upstairs where our pocketbooks were while she stayed in the basement with the cable guy.   I went back upstairs and continued to unpack while cable decisions were made.  When Debbie came back upstairs minutes she looked like she was going to burst from laughter.  Seems the cable guy was trying to help Debbie save some money and suggested she run the cable inside the house herself.   Deb - although quite capable - told the 'gentleman' that she wasn't able to run cable and without missing a beat, he turned and said perhaps your mate (meaning me) would be able to.   Well we have laughed at this for years and often refer to each other as the other's 'mate'.  I wonder what our IT department at work must think if there ever monitor our emails which often are started with " Hey Mate".

Our weekend was a girls get-a-way.  We road around the backroads of beautiful Amish farm country.   We spent Saturday in historic Strasburg, PA going in and out of specialty shops, antiques shops, etc.   We happened upon a local church bazaar which we visited at well.   We stopped for coffee at the Springerle House.  It was a nice respite to our morning of shopping.   I had the Rosemary-Apricot-Blue Cheese scone with a cappachino.   Yum-mo

Look at this craziness!   People are so clever.   Here's the  result of gluing together a variety of different glass pieces and creating an angel.   The results were as varied as the imagination and consignment store glassware would allow.  

Beautiful homes line Main Street.

 Need to tell my brother those boxes of insulators he 
has may be worth more than a couple of dollars each.  

This cosignment store had shelf after shelf of the old Corelle we all had years ago.  Memories!

More beautiful old homes along Main Street.

 This hydrangea had blooms the size of a soccer ball!

Don't you just want to walk down this lane and see who lives here?

I really wanted to knock on the door here and ask to visit the 3rd floor.   

 Lucky me!  I even managed to find a cross stitch store to shop in.

Before heading home, we had tea at SugarPlums and Tea.  Such a relaxing way to spent the afternoon Sunday afternoon.
 A pretty setting to enjoy a relaxing lunch.
Our view from the Tea Room - too bad the leaves are turning yet.

Have a great week all.  Next up, hopefully some stitching progress to share. 


cucki said...

Wow so much fun and very beautiful place..
Hugs x

butterfly said...

Thanks for the trip I just took with you.
Lovely yummies and great photos.

Chris said...

What a wonderful day out!

Lillie said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post, the houses are magnificent.

How 'Matey' came about had me laughing aloud.

~ Lillie

Catherine said...

I love that place!