Saturday, December 14, 2013

Status Check

A while back I was wondering what was up with the blogging world.  Seemed like everyone had slowed down or became non-existent on posting.   Others noticed too and we all made vows to post more regularly....but alas I have fallen short.    Can't tell you where I have been or what I been up to because if I look back over the last few months, nothing really stands out.

I seem to be in the go to work/come home/go to bed/get up/go to work rut with a meeting or dinner or three wedged in every now and again.    Not even stitching on a regular basis!  What is up with that?  All is in a dither in our world when we don't stitch regularly.

I do have a tiny bit on progress on Grace Mason.   At one time I had her in 'time-out' but now I fear she may want to run away from home if I don't get my needle in motion!  I am enjoying this piece.  I just am not dedicating the time to it.

 I used the wrong green for the "f" but I don't think I will change it.   It fits right in with the other irregularities stitched by Grace Mason in this design.   Heck, she was only 10!

I can post some tiny progress on another mission I have been on.    Since July 1st, I have lost 15 lbs as of this morning (in disbelief, I actually got on and off the scale 3 times).  Trouble is, I can't see it when I look in the mirror.   Must have lost it in my ankles or wrists.  I actually believe that I will wake up one morning and find it has all been a malfunctioning scale and no pounds have been lost.  Not doing anything special - portion control, more water, using the stairs and not the elevator, parking further out in the parking lot, keeping busy around the house and not flopping on the sofa when I get home.  I'd like to loose another 15 lbs by next July but with the holidays and a cruise in January, I will be realistic in my ridiculousness and simply hope I don't put all 15 lbs back on!

Here is my wool piece that I take to work to sneak in a few stitches at lunchtime.  I made a nonchalant comment at work that I bring it because it is mindless work.   While you and I may think it mindless, non-sewers find it as foreign and difficult as I view learning to write in Chinese!  I am humbled by their Ohs! and Ahs! at what I think is nothing special....just keeping my hands and mind busy.  I think we stitchers never give ourselves the kudos we deserve so give yourselves a collective pat on the back!

I hope to finish the stitching this week and then we will see about the 'finishing'.
 It's hard to see but all the tulips and some of the leaves have been blanket stitched.   Next up, the blue berries.

OK, busy weekend coming up.....I hate to even admit this.....I think it is time to actually bring out the Christmas decorations!  OMGosh, I have never been this far behind in decorating OR shopping.   I just haven't been in the mood to lug it all out.  By now, all the trees should have been done, all the shopping completed and presents at least halfway wrapped.  Where did the time go?  I guess I'd better get focused or I will be called Mrs. Grinch!


Anna van Schurman said...

My tree's not up. Believe it or not, there are people who regularly put them up on Christmas eve. Unless you are hosting a holiday party, what's the rush?

moosecraft said...

Congrats on the 15lbs! Wool applique is a great way to create something without too much thought... great way to relax! I ran out and got my tree yesterday because of the snow that is due today... going to be decorating the tree and baking cookies today... there's always time for gatherings, so take your time and enjoy the prep... :-) One year we put up our tree on Christmas Eve... lol! Life happens... ;-)

EvalinaMaria said...

Your stitching looks lovely, congrats on weight loss. I think I may join you in your journey to loose another 15 lb by July.

Have fun decorating!

Catherine said...

Love the pieces you are working on! Having a hard time myself getting going this holiday season. Perhaps this coming week will put me more in the mood!

Jennifer M. said...

Time definitely does have a way of running from us quickly each day. Congrats on your weight loss! Very nice progress on your projects too. :-)

Brigitte said...

Our tree is not up either. It's a tradition over here to put it up on the morning of Christmas Eve. And we still do so.
Very nice progress on your two WIPs.