Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays One and All

Well I am just about there.   I just couldn't seem to get myself into gear this year.  Got some things going on after the first of the year but more on that later.   Grocery shopping tomorrow after work, pick up lottery tickets for stocking stuffing and buying some spirits, and we will call it done.     Funny, I put up only about a third of what I usually do and it looks just fine.   Funnier still is that I probably put up more than most others.   Time to pare down the holiday decorations for sure.   So here's a quick pictorial tour of the little vinyettes I like to create.
 My kitchen desk.   A place to drop my keys and cell phones when I get
home but also a little corner to cozy up to the season. 

 Close up of my new shadow box (Thank you Carol!) with my 
consignment store Christmas Teddy Bear towels/$0.25 each.

 Anna Lee Carolers brighten up the kitchen counter.

 Inside the berries is a candle in a glass cylinder.  (Oops! Dishes drying in the background!)

Some sparkles on the kitchen table.

 I like a little bit of glitz.

 My desk that sits in the Dining Room just waiting to hold dessert.  These are my few
pieces of Lefton.   The square candy dish with the lid was my mother's.   I see a lot of
Lefton in consignment stores and pick up the pieces the 'move' me.

 Table is ready. I actually took this with the lights off.

 Just a little sparkle in the corner.  Love the tree on the left and should have bought more 
when I made this purchase.   Guess another day trip to Lancaster County is in on the list.

Much laughter, good food and good times to be shared here.

 Good enough to eat!

 Center stage - a little something from my friend.  (Thank you Shirley!)

 Some greens and glitz.

 All the boys are dressed and ready.  

 It disturbs my son-in-law that I dress stuffed animals.  Not only dressed but 
decked out and arranged.  He could be on to something.  

 Almost all the presents are wrapped and in place.  I have an excuse - I ran out of tape!

 Don't you just love the glow the holiday lights cast?  

 The Byer's Dolls are set up somewhere different this year 
since Mr. Buddy Cat has taken over the fireplace mantle.

Ah, a hard days work and some homemade baked 
potato soup with bacon and cheese.  Yummo!

A joyous and happy holiday season to one and all.


butterfly said...

Lovely decorations , Happy Christmas.

Lillie said...

Merry Christmas Robin.

Brigitte said...

A great tour through your rooms fully decorated. Now Christmas can come.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

llknbillburg said...

Your decorations look fantastic! If this is pared down, I say go with it next time too! Merry Christmas to you and yours and hope you can fit in a little stitching. Laura

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

BEAUTIFUL! A gorgeous, lovely, wonderful home to celebrate inside with love and laughter!

Andrea said...

A lovely home decorated beautifully.

Have a very Happy Christmas.

Chris said...

Beautiful decorations!!
Merry Christmas!!

Catherine said...

It all looks so pretty and cozy! of my favorite soups!!