Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crafting Weekend

My daughter's and I got together for the 3-day Easter Weekend.  As always we enjoyed the time together.  Bless my son-in-law for putting up with a house full of women squealing, giggling, crafting and laughing.   No wonder he went out and ran a half marathon!

We had a crafting frenzy on Friday and Saturday.  I finally finished (at least this stage) of my string quilt.    Heather had a flannel design wall which made moving and arranging the individual squares for the final layout before sewing so easy.  I need to square up the sides, put on an outer border and choose a backing (which may taken another 3 years!!) but I am super happy to have moved to the next step.

Also stitched up this quilt top using a variation on the 'racetrack' pattern.  I was originally going to use it as the back for the quilt above but I have decided yet.

We even squeezed in a hike along the Wissahickon in Fairmont Park.  If was a great weekend of family, fellowship, good food and fun.


cucki said...

Beautiful x

Robin said...

What a fun-filled weekend you had! Love your string quilt top! And the racetrack variation is cool.

Robin in Virginia

Susan said...

Glad you got so much done and had fun with your girls!

Shirlee said...

Beautiful quilting Robin!