Monday, April 21, 2014


Well I have run amok in the past, been askew before, gotten all wonky along the way but now admit to now being remiss.     Balancing between getting my energy back as well as enjoying the warmer weather I have been drawn to do much anticipated yard work.  It seems I come inside and just kind of collapse in the arm chair.   To that point I have neglected sending necessary get well cards, thank you notes, just a notes, stitching of any measurable amount and my pen pal in Connecticut as well as other little paperwork necessities.   Even though some things are slipping I am enjoying the  'good tired' of working outdoors.

Stitching has been coming along.   I finished Happy Easter by SamSarah.   For the most part it was stitched as charted.  I left off some of the 'floating' button motifs.  I finished before Easter but admit I have to do the 'finishing' still.

The yard work that has been calling me has involved a one woman effort to eradicate ground cover! OMGosh what was I thinking all those years ago when I planted it.    Ivy and Vinca Vine and Loriope!   Geez.    Across our back property line I have been pulling out ivy hand over fist.   I managed another 2 to 3 feet across the entire back this spring.
I ran a tape to give me a rough idea of a straight line for how far to go back.  You can see, Buddy, decided to 'help'.

I am happy with what I am been able to reclaim.    A good two to three feet.  The grass seed is in and ready to grow.

I have been redesigning some flower beds.  Just need to add the Winterberry I bought and spread the mulch to call it done here.   I have doing much needed thinning of hostas and dividing coral bells.   I dug out a butterfly bush and replaced it with a Serviceberry and some dwarf spirea to this bed.  Once the Serviceberry and spirea fill out along the property line they should create privacy between the neighbor and my back deck.

I reclaimed this bench from the overgrown ivy that was wrapped around it in the back yard and moved it out front.    Not for sitting!   Replacing the rotten seat in on the list.  So nice to see the bed ready for mulch and NO SNOW.

For stitching, I have made Penny America my take along project.  Following your lead, I am trying to concentrate on one project at a time until finished.  It does show progress faster.  Grace Mason will be for stitching at home since it is a bigger project.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Have a great week.  I know I will.....planning and packing for 4-day girls weekend in OCMD!  


Catherine said...

Good to catch up with you ~ great projects on this and your last post ~ that bunny is adorable!
Isn't is great to be out and about without freezing or being covered in snow?

llknbillburg said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of work! Glad you are almost finished and are still able to get in some stitching. Cute finish!! Have fun in OC!! Laura

Robin said...

Congratulations on your bunny finish! What a cute piece! Good luck with reclaiming your yard from the ground cover.

Have a great week!

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Beautiful stitching..
Happy Easter my dear
Hugs x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hoppy Easter is a great project, perfect for this time of year.

The garden is looking good too. In England a "yard" is a concrete area behind the house if you haven't got a garden. So it's always pleasant to see an actual garden!

stitchersanon said...

We don't get enough good weather to ignore the garden lol. If its sunny, we need to be outside! Lovely stitching progress...good luck with the yard!

Chris said...

Great progress on your yard Robin! That is a big project.
Lovely finish and progress on Penny America.

Andrea said...

A wonderful finish. Good luck with the garden.

Shirlee said...

What a lovely yard you have! And I love that Penny Americana. I've gotta order that one : )