Sunday, November 30, 2014

It is a bird.....

Is this progress of mine from skill?  Is it my new stitching stand? or, Am I on a mission?    I vote definitely not skill.   As I getting used to my new stand I realized all too late that I 'crossed' my stitches in different directions due to rotating the hoop at I stitched.   Drat!  I ran amok!  So cross off the stand too as the reason for progress too.   It's a mission!  I need to stitch this up so I can do the finishing and get it wrapped and prepared for delivery!

Liking the subtle changes in the color and I have the perfect complimentary fabric already selected for finishing.   It is moving fast and I am pleased so far.   I have been cutting my length of WDW, dividing and loading three needles at a time and stitching until each are empty each time I take time to stitch......but the needle may be parked for the rest of the day now.  Hopefully I can share that by the end of the week.   But as always the plans in my head often don't come to fruition or only do after a detour (or two).

Need to get that tree up and maybe do some small business Saturday shopping (on Sunday).   Have a great week all as the countdown to the holidays begins!


Brigitte said...

I love the colour you chose for this nice little project.

butterfly said...

Looks wonderful Robin.

Anonymous said...

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