Friday, November 28, 2014

No Black Friday Shopping for me!

I hope all my USA friends had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.    Mine was different then usual this year.   No one was coming home....I was a mix of being bummed and being thankful.  Not thankful that they weren't coming but thankful of all the fun Thanksgiving memories of years past.   It was going to be dull, boring and I didn't even want to cook.  Such a lot of work for two.   I was ready to place an order at Boston Market...then something happened.... my brother and his girlfriend were in the same situation so last Sunday we decided to join  forces.    This had to be the easiest, most delicious feast yet.   J & L were bringing the major sides that by mid morning yesterday I was like.....what am I forgetting.   Then my sister and husband showed up for dessert.   All in all in turned out to be a great day.

Dishes done and leftovers shared, football over, everyone on their way home and I settled in with a nice cup of coffee and a new start.   This is working up fast and good thing.   It is for a Christmas exchange so I can't share too many details but it sure looks like a Quaker design to me.  Stitching on 32 count with WDW Blue Bonnet.  

No worries.....chocolate candy Advent calendars in the mail (yes at ages 34, 36 and 39, I must still send these to my children.   I made the mistake of discontinuing stockings one year and still hear about it.)  Almost all my shopping done or ordered online so I have some time available for stitching as well as holiday events!  I was lucky enough to score four tickets to the Longwood Christmas display tonight so I will be meeting up with some friends for a treat tonight.  Tomorrow I have a Christmas concert with more girlfriends. (see why I shop early?   love all the extra holiday events) So maybe Sunday I will stitch or start the dragging out of decorations.

I love shopping early and probably tend to buy more because I see something that would be perfect for somebody on my list.   I'd like to get the decorating started today and may be able to get a bit done before I head out.

I am anxious to put up our tree.   It is new this year.   We had been complaining about the other tree for years and the best way to replace something is to get rid of the version you have leaving you no choice but to get a replacement.  Works with shoes too!  So after the holidays last year, we donated our tree.   You know that mess of cords for the lights on the pre-lit tree?   My new tree has the ingenious concept of the lights and wiring go up through the 'trunk'!  Nothing to mess with...connect the sections and it plugs everything in.    We shall see if this turns out as easily as advertised.   More info to follow....


Kimmie said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds EXCELLENT!!!

New starts are always fun!

This year is the second for our pre-lit tree. I'm kind of hoping for the best when it comes out of the box at this point. LOL

Robin said...

Have fun with your holiday outings today and tomorrow! No Black Friday shopping for me either! I shop early like you plus I stitched up many ornaments for my Christmas gifts this year.

Love the blue in your new start!

Robin in Virginia

Brigitte said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds really great. Not too much work in the kitchen and some lovely guests, what do you want more :)

Andrea said...

Sound like an excellent Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing the new tree.