Saturday, November 22, 2014

Three Degrees of Separation

My current stitch mounted on my new Lowery

I know a gal, who knows a gal, who had a thing, that she didn't want so......I now am the proud owner of a Lowery Workstand.   OMGosh, not even the Cadillac of floor stands; this is the Bentley of floor stands.   It came with a corner clamp and I thought, hmmmm, let me order the side clamp.   After some considerable searching, I located a side clamp on the internet and quickly decided I will learn to love the corner clamp.   I am a two-handed stitcher and this is making my needle fly with the floss following behind it like the contrails of a jet.

Here is my progress on my La-D-Da name tag.   It is a quick stitch and should be done this weekend.   The finishing directions have me a bit confused so I have to put my head together with two fellow stitchers who have already finished this piece.

Starting Monday I need to get serious on my Christmas stitching.   I have a couple of smalls I want to get done.   Of course, I can't share them here but I can tell you one crosses over to another stitching genre or even two.

And of course, for those of you who have asked, my middle of the night companion.   Buddy, or often fondly referred to as Budders, is a fur ball that would prefer to ram around under the night skies and neighborhood waking me each night between 1:45 and 2:15 a.m. to go out.  It as been far too cold to put him out before I retire for the night.  Geez!   I tried shutting the bedroom door and there was such a CATaphony and clawing at the door off and on for hours it was deemed not a wise move.  
 I feel evil by thinking I should continually wake Mr. Nocturnal while he catches some rays and ZZZ's.

Here's wishing all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.   May your homes be filled with family and friends, may your tables be flowing with yummy foods and may you sneak in a bit of stitching time while others take their post dinner naps.


Robin said...

Super progress on your name tag! Hmmm...I don't think you are evil for wanting to wake up Buddy. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

Robin in Virginia

Shirlee said...

Congrats on your new Lowery! You are a lucky bird indeed! Buddy looks so comfy on that chair : ) Wishing you & your family a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

Shebafudge said...

Loving the colours of it. You did a good job changing them up. xx