Sunday, November 16, 2014

Latest Start

Here's what I'm working on now.   This is a name tag from La-D-Da.     It is so nice to be stitching something small.    I can see this completed in no time.   as a completed stitch in the future.

I switched up the colors.   I first picked the fabric for the finishing and then pulled the floss colors.   The model is darker and drab and I wanted something brighter.

 I think I will be happy with my choices.  And I will be able to stop taking the ribbing on my guild name tag that is a color xerox of our logo with my name added.  From the top of the bridge, as we say, it appears as if I really stitched our logo.......reading ahead on the finishing directions I am a bit confused but I will just not worry about that until I cross that bridge.

And there must be something to those colors......this is a church window in a local Methodist Church.   One of my non-profits held a silent film fest last night.  It is annual event that brings a lot of laughter.   I am the driver for my elderly friend who enjoys these events and I take her to dinner with friends first.  This is a win-win for me because I am more enthralled with the windows and the architectural that the pipe organ -
 no offense to the pipe organ.

 While Roxanna mixed and mingled before the program, I put the camera to work.

This architechtural design is typical of Methodists is seems.    The open-air church I visited while in Martha's Vinyard in the Methodist Retreat was just like this.....on a much larger scale though.

I slipped outside to get the above window.

 Another view of the craftsmanship of the ceiling.

Oh and then there was the movie.   The organist always gives a little history lesson on the films before each movie giving us little insider tidbits and things to look for.  Such as, Buster Keaton was barely 5'5" inches tall; The General, a real Civil War train,  was a movie about a fictional Civil War train heist filmed entirely in Oregon on a logging train and roadways and not in the south; and more. The organist plays along with movie with all the dramatic flair you would expect that accompanied the movie as it originally was shown.   It is all and all an enjoyable, non-techno evening full of friends and laughter.....and if just for one evening, life is simpler.

And lastly, speaking of techno type wiggly words that I was seeing on my blog....I have solved the mystery, sort of,  as to why only I see you know with Blogger, you need to do you design and updates through Google so that it where I view my blog.    If I look at my Blog in IE, it is fine, no wiggling or shaking words.   I am experiencing the same issues with some of my work websites and that's what made to try IE instead of Chrome.  At work, since an upgrade with one of the banks we deal with at work, I can no longer log on to the secure site through IE......and even though my IT Dept. told me it didn't make a difference what internet explorer I used, I use Google Chrome and was able to get right into my corporate interface.  Take that you IT Techies!  Those wiggling words were really getting on my last nerve and I am glad I solved that mystery.   Now on the to mystery of socks that go missing in the washer.....


Susan said...

Lovely pictures, Robin! I saw some people wearing that natal at class yesterday, and Iadmired it. Like your color changes!

Andrea said...

A lovely choice for your name tag, the fabric is just beautiful.