Saturday, November 15, 2014

Still Fusing

about a bit with my blogger issues.   Everything looks fab while in the design screens but as soon as I apply changes and move to the live screen I get the wiggly letters again.  I think I am done messing about here!     This issue must be giving me bad mojo since I have been frogging my latest start.   Drat!     It is from La-D-Da and I will share photos tomorrow.   Too cold to get out from under my blankie and out of my comfy chair and away from my 2nd  3rd cuppa to drag out the camera.

Real quick, Nancy at Victorian Motto has launched her 25 days of Christmas give-a-way again this year.   Check out her site, register for the days/prizes you like and good luck!

For today, I am off to put a dent in my Christmas shopping and then a olde time Silent Film Festival tonight with one of my non-profits.    Tomorrow, I have sewing room plans to work on pulling threads and fabrics for some holiday stitching.   Plans and pix to be posted tomorrow!

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