Saturday, February 28, 2015

I've actually accomplished something!

Much to the chagrin of others, I actually love snow!   Love, love, love it.   So pretty.  The world is pure and clean and ever so quiet.   I love the rosy cheeks you get when you take a walk (or shovel snow) in the cold.  But enough....

I did tossed aside Oscar Wao's Brief Wonderous Life.   Just couldn't get into it.     Instead picked up Orphan Train.  A quick and enjoyable read.  What hardship and horrors these children who were orphans in the 1930's faced.  I never knew they loaded them on trains and took them out west only to be adopted by farmers looking for ranch hands or families looking for a mother's helper.

I signed up on Goodreads to read 12 books this year and I am already at 7 and it is not yet March.  Guess I'd better up that challenge next year. Hmmmmm, maybe that is where my time has been going.

 Buddy thought he wanted to go out.
 He didn't make it very far.

Seems like I have had a slow stitching start for 2015 but I finally can show some progress.

This is Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler - Things Unseen.   No spoilers here since I have seen others post the COMPLETED sampler.   Yeah for me, I finished Part I.   I didn't looked at Parts II and III when I received them as I wanted to hold the 'mystery' as long as possible.  I ran amok a bit and mixed symbols and colors in a couple places but I am not frogging so I guess it puts my stamp on it.  No worries that I saw Sally posted her completed sampler on Salty Yarns blog......I have the memory of a goldfish, or about 3 seconds, so as quickly I as saw it and enjoyed it, I forgot it.  Planning to start Part II this week.

Next up,  Prairie Schooler 1990 Santa.   This has been my take along project.  I used the suggested fabric and colors.  When I pulled the threads I kind of thought there were better Christmas reds and greens but the designer knows best and it works for the PS Santas.   I used the recommended fabric which took some getting used to.

This is my first PS Santa and I have about 4 or 5 more waiting in the wings.  I am not sure how I will be finishing it.

Here is the La-D-Da name tag I stitched in the fall and I finished it!   I have sewn the webbing on twice and it is still not 100% straight but it is going to stay as it.  

I think the pocket will be perfect for stowing my room key or cell phone when on a retreat.

I dug through my stash to look for a charm to add.   I can't decide on one of the bees or the bird.  I just love finding a trinket in my stash that I can use....something I saved just waiting for that perfect piece to add it to.  Kind of helps justify what could be classified as 'craft hoarding'!

That about wraps it up for now.  More snow in today's forecast!  Happy stitching all!


Justine said...

It's got to be the little bird with a name like yours! Lovely pouch and your LK sampler is gorgeous.

Shirlee said...

You know I'm with you Robin ... I love, love, love the snow : ) Maybe I ought to check into moving someplace near the Philly region as your photos are lovely! Beautiful stitching!

Robin said...

Love your name tag pouch! I also like your PS Santa finish! Your WIP is looking good!

I think I belong to the same snow loving club you do!

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Wow so many beautiful projects..
Big hugs xx

Weronika said...

Lovely work Robin. Great improvement on your Lizzie Kate. The pocket is brilliant as well. Wat a lovely finishing!

Christine said...

YOur name tag came out great ~ love the finish with the pocket!

Shebafudge said...

Gorgeous stitching! I am with Justine! It has to be the little bird.

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching. The L*K is so pretty and I love the PS Santa. A lovely pocket, I'd would find room for both!