Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Of Course I Started

my guild stitch-a-long piece.   I am the Queen of no willpower!   I "hope" when done the assigned rows each month and I put time in on my other WIP's.

I had a snow day after all.   After shoveling  - only to then get the second call that turned our two-hour-late-start to off-all-day, What else was there to do but sit in my sweats to stitch and binge watched part of season two of "Orange is the New Black".  

First row worked up quick.   Second row is in the process.   The satin stitches look better in person.  

The pattern calls for one thread of silk over two.   I am using two strands of cotton and like the coverage I am getting.   The fabric count is 32 and I not sure if it is the recommended linen type and color.   We received the pre-cut linen and pattern in one package from our guild's resident shop owner.

Not too much variation in the WDW Capri Blue.   The Shaker Threads Baby Spinach Green  does seem to have more color changing.  I hope I am not disappointed in my color choices.  (see my Feb. 15 post for a picture of the Girls of the Guild Sampler from Sharon Verbos of the Purple Thread.) 

Look at Buddy's new trick.   This is how he lets me know he wants to come in from the cold.  He paws the window.   He doesn't just pat it; he looks like his sparring with it.  Even if I am not nearby, I sure can hear him announcing himself at the door.  Good thing he doesn't have diamond tipped claws or I would have some very scratched glass.  Heaven help the screens when I put them back up!  Mr. W. thinks once the weather is warm, he won't be 'knocking' to get in.   I don't know.   Buddy has a few bad habits that I can't break him of.

   Getting ready for another record breaking blast of cold weather.   Stay warm and safe all!  Thanks for stopping by!


Faith... said...

Your guild stitch-a-long piece looks great so far. If I was Buddy - I wouldn't even go out if I didn't have to!

Susan said...

LOVE the colors for your sampler! I may be flattering you by imitation!

Robin said...

Your guild SAL piece looks good. I like your thread color combo. Even with a fur coat, Buddy wants in. Glad you had a snow day!

Robin in Virginia

Barbi said...

Love piece. We are so hooked on Orange is the new black! Can't wait until season 3.

Anonymous said...

Great start, beautiful color combination. Looks like a fun project. The last three weeks we have had Monday snow days. I'm enjoying the four day work weeks. And more snow coming for this weekend.
Shirley in CT

Andrea said...

Your guild SAL looks lovely so far. Take care in the snow.

diamondc said...

Poor Buddy, its cold outside.
Love your stitching project.


Weronika said...

Lovely colors! Don't worry you are not the only one with no willpower. I have the same problem :) Remeber: Your work is beautiful!