Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dead BRRR Cold here on the east coast.  I'd have to check but I think we are breaking some records. Not much snow - really none - for me.  My daughter is getting my share.   OMGosh those poor people in New England!  I can't imagine how brutal it is for them.   We experienced 50 to 60 mph winds with snow last night - just 3 or 4inches - but the howling winds!  We are experiencing white out conditions from the blowing winds along.  Yeowie!

So what have I been up to.....hmmm?   Not much really.   Seems I go to work, come home, hit the treadmill and not much longer after having my back side hits the recliner, I fall asleep!   This is driving me crazy because of course I am waking pre-dawn and repeating the process.  It is crazy time at work with covering an open position and working on the company's annual report, stir and mixed with the regular duties.   The only thing I care to stir is a Gin and Tonic!

I haven't worked on Things Unseen Mystery Sampler from Lizzie Kate since before my cruise.  I have seen it completed on the internet and I am liking it!    So far it has been a fun piece.  I plan to concentrate on this in the coming weeks.  Seems I am not as far along as I remember.

I have been reading a lot.   Not thrilled with my current read, "The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao".   Just not cutting it for me.  So many books and so little time.    I have permission from my Librarian daughter to toss it aside if after the first 100 pages I am not taken to it. I'm on page 85 now.  It's not looking good for me and Oscar.

I finished "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" and fell in love with the Channel Islands and its people.   I was not aware of the German Occupation during World War II and was caught up in how this group survived and - in true British form - were able to carry on afterwards.  I even Zillowed homes for sale there.

I have found a new show on TV to watch.  Grantchester on Masterpiece Theater.   It is kind of an Miss Marple meets the Vicar in 1950's England.   Sidney is great and Mrs. McQuire a character...."What the dickens?" is was she says all the time.   I think I need to start using that expression at work.   I wonder how long it would take for the rest of office to start saying it!  

I almost finished 1990 Santa from Prairie Schooler.  I hope this doesn't sit in my pile of finishes to be finished for too long once the last stitches are made.

And I got my guild stitch-a-long at our meeting this weekend.  The schedule allows for a year to finish it.   I think that is doable.   I stopped at the LNS afterwards to pick up some floss.   I think I might just overcast the edges and put this on my scroll frame to get started.    Oh woe is me!  Another WIP!

Here is the linen and I changed up the floss from the pattern.   Turquoise and brown is my favorite color combination with turquoise as my favorite of ALL colors.  After finding the best T & B combo I realized I would either be stitching brown flowers or using the brown for the stems and leaves so I swapped out the WDW Acorn Brown for ST Baby Spinach.   I know if I do little else than listen to this old house creak in the high winds today it will at a minimum put in the first stitches in this project today.   What is it will a new project?   Just can't wait to tear in regardless of what is left waiting for completion.

Stay warm all, stay safe an the roads, and keep on stitching.



llknbillburg said...

And what a wonderful new start!! I would be tempted to put all else aside as well! I sure hope that piece becomes available to us mere mortals at some point because I sure would love to stitch it too!! Laura

Kimmie said...

We had that weather yesterday only not so freaky. My mom is near the south shore of Lake Michigan so her weather was evil bad and they declared a state of emergency. Now it's just below zero windchills. I LOVE that Lizzie Kate! So cute! I read "Guernsey...." last year for book club. LOVED it!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Robin said...

Looking forward to seeing your start on the guild project! What is the turquoise you selected?

Stay warm!

Robin in Virginia

Christine said...

I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a few years back and instantly wanted to book a trip to the Channel Islands! It was a wonderful book!

Love your stitching and your photos from your cruise!