Monday, February 2, 2015

Va-Ca Enjoyed

Looks like someone didn't want me to go away.   Funny how I found  my formal wear top under the table when I returned home.   I was fit to be tied when I couldn't find it on the cruise because I KNEW it was laid out on the dining room table with all the other outfits as I was prepping last week. 

Ahhhhh!  We had lots of fun and sun and more fun.   Had a fabulous time with my two daughters on our cruise.   They enjoyed the experience and there were talks of another cruise in the future to Alaska! which just happens to be on my bucket list.

How many pairs of shoes do three women need for a week?   Apparently 22 pairs!

Now for a bit of photos, some with captions and others not.  These photos are totally out of time sequence order!  I used two cameras and as I sit here this morning I am still feeling the gentle roll of the ship! so I am not up to dropping and dragging a lot.
It was a rough life.   Watching the sunset and soaking in the hot tub.   This was
after a day of ocean kayaking and I swear is why we weren't suffering from soreness the next day. 

Sunsets on the water are always beautiful!

Check out this walkway.    See below.   This section of the ship was called the sky walk and it extending OUT and OVER the ocean!  There are two levels.  Crazy!  I will have to see if I have more photos looking down as I walked on this.

Now this bizarre thing!  This is on the top deck of the Quantom of the Sea from Royal Carribean.   We were parked at the same dock while in St. Marteen.    People get in the silver ball and then the crane takes it up and over the water.   It is 18 decks about the water BEFORE the arm extends!!  Not going to catch me in that thing!

I always find a nice little out of the way spot aboard ship where the crowds are not.   This is where were would eat breakfast and lunch each day.    Can't deny the view.   This is leaving St. Marteen.

More from St. Marteen.
Side by side - Regal Princess and Quantom of the Sea

Other ships in port that day.

Leaving St. Thomas

Blackbeard's Castle and the 99 steps tour.

I never saw a hand crank sewing machine before.

Imagine this is your view every morning!

More venues from the 99 steps tour.  (actually it was 99 stairs!)

Swimming at Magen's Bay - chosen by National Geographic as one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

Swimming with beverages because they can!

Last day - sunrise in Fort Lauderdale.  Time to get breakfast, disembark and head to the airport.

This is arriving at  St. Thomas.
I love pulling into port and made my girls get up at sunrise to enjoy the arrival.

On deck after our first formal night.

Giant fountain show on the top deck.

One of the pools before the fountain show.

Save for a bit of hassle at the airport when we returned - the ENTIRE planes luggage took close to two hours to show up on the carousel.    Most people were OK but it was infringing on Super Bowl and Super Bowl Commercial time!

Oh and there was the little incident of the ship having to turn around and look for someone who fell overboard!   No one did, but several guests reporting what seemed to be credible enough account to turn the ship around and perform a search and notify the Coast Guard.  That caused a lot of excitement as well as grumbling......I mean really, I thought of it as a bit of adventure as we all were on the deck with our eyes searching the water for an orange life jacket.

I managed to read two books while relaxing on deck during the sea days and I stitched a bit.......and of course I started something new.....I mean you always do on vacation right?    Really, you need something small to take along and not something massive.   I have always wanted to do the Santa series from Prairie Schooler so I pulled everything from stash and got started.  This patterns stitched on the suggested linen (18 counts) required no cheaters - another good point for travel.

Back to the grind today.   Vacation is great and it does feel good to come home but going back to work will only feel great for about half the day!

Have a great week all and stay safe with all the ice and snow!  I will keep looking at all my photos to remind we why I work.....for vacation time!


Kimmie said...

Awesome pics!!!!! Love the one of the big iguana!! How was the food? Super good? :)

Shirlee said...

Loved seeing all the photos! And ya gotta love cats, right : )

Robin said...

Wow, what a wonderful vacation/cruise you had. Thank you for sharing your photos!

Stay warm!

Robin in Virginia

Barbi said...

Oh!!!! Your trip looks amazing!!!! I'll be getting on the PS Santa bandwagon this week! I've never stitched any as of yet, but I have the itch...and I have tons of charts...just have to do them.

llknbillburg said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all!! And the weather sure did beat what we were having here while you were away!

I have all of those PS Santas to stitch too. I hope to get to them some day.
Yours sure us cute!! Laura

Lynn said...

Sounds like a great trip, I'm jealous!!

Andrea said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful cruise. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Parsley said...

Looks like a wonderful time! The number of shoes cracked me up. ha!

diamondc said...

Wonderful pictures, cruising is so relaxing.
It is so worth it to work for a vacation.


Lillie said...

Wow! what wonderful pictures from your cruise. Thanks for sharing the photos, made me want to jump right in.

The shoes, can't leave home with just a pair :D :D