Thursday, April 16, 2015

I am getting my mojo back.   Not the stitching general been in a gray-cold-winter-funk-lost-my-mojo feeling.   Feels so good to be able to get out into the yard to rake out the flower beds and to scratch a bit in the dirt.  We had the most gorgeous spring weekend last weekend here but alas I was wrapped around the axle with a couple of fundraisers.  It's one thing to just have to attend and another thing when you are part of the prep and cleanup.  It's all good....both were working with good friends and for good causes.  I have since made up for it by getting out each evening after work for a good hour of yard therapy.  Slowly getting the yard in order and nurturing my soul at the same time. This coming weekend I hope to put in another vegetable garden and prep my existing one so I can be ready to plant in May.  Can't wait to come home and harvest my lettuce for a dinner salad.

Stitching progress has been like the tortoise, slow and steady.  My goal is to get part two of the mystery sampler done before my retreat and I think I am close enough to manage it.   I will give myself permission for a new start at retreat if I get done.   Oh heck, who am I kidding, finished part two or not, I will start a new project.   It's my tradition!

I have spent a little time at the sewing machine to made this dandy.  It is about the size of my iPad. There are pockets for everything.  It folds up and fits in my project bag perfectly.  Now I can go to stitching night and not have forgotten anything.   Well, one can be hopeful.  The pattern is a download from Pattern Pile.  Pattern called for mat board which I don't have.  I tried card board but was not thrilled.  I used plastic canvas on one side and   cut a metal Lo-Ran pattern board to insert in the the sleeve on the other side to give it the book cover-like stiffness.  I have a few things I would

tweak if I were to make another but for the most part I am happy.  Friends have been putting in their orders.  LOL Maybe when I retire.  (Ack!  Mr. W. is at it again....setting his date for retirement as 12-31-15.....I think he is serious this time.  Could I be far behind???)  Anyway, this was been fun to make and I am ready to  start using it.

 The polar fleece rolls to become your pin cushion.   Won't this be great to take to a class?

 Unroll the fleece if you need a place to put beads.
 With the LoRan project board inside, just add a couple of magnets and I have a place for my pattern.

And now you see it, now you don't.  So totally not craft related but this sure is crafty.   Stitching Pal Carol had this jacket on last week.   First - my favorite color, so as if I really needed a new jacket but that's a minor detail.    So here's the's from Land's End.

 What?......I am stuffing the jacket into the pocket!
Look!  Is this the perfect jacket to throw in your carry-on?   or suitcase?   Wow!  Love it.   Might just have to wear it today......except the forecast is for 70 degrees.   Might just have to wait and take it to the beach next weekend just in case a late night walk on the boardwalk might be chilly.    I showed Mr. W. and he even liked one for himself.   Of course, his won't be turquoise!  Have a great week everyone!


Robin said...

I love the traveling bag you created. Great idea to use a piece of metal in it! Nice looking jacket; know you will enjoy it.

Robin in Virginia

Michele said...

wow, that is an awesome stitching organizer!!! I bet the orders would be piling up! If ever .. I know I'd love one :)

ahhhhh retirement .. my date is 1/15/2016 ... can't wait!!!!

Justine said...

Oh I love your new stitching bag! Please please put a link up to the pattern. It's probably way beyond my skill level now but maybe in the future...
Cute new jacket!

Blu said...

That tool holder is amazing! I love how versatile and chock full of accessories it is while being so convenient to carry around!

Lillie said...

WOW! That's a wonderful sewing pouch you've created. Love how the Sample is progressing.

And that jacket is definitely so handy to go travelling with.

Andrea said...

Love the new stitching bag, so useful! The jacket is lovely too, a great colour.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your Mystery Sampler is looking great, lovely colours.

Your travelling companion is amazing, putting the metal in so you can use magnets is inspired. A great idea.

I'm not due to retire until 2030 something but it might be sooner if my manager doesn't get more family friendly with the excessive weekend shifts!

Faith... said...

Beautiful stitching and I do love that saying! Looks like some very productive sewing time too, what a cute organizer.

Weronika said...

Awesome organizer! Great work!

Kerri said...

I saw that organizer on Craftsy and thought it looked like a great idea. Just need to find some time to sew and maybe clear off my cutting table that is home of all my wip/UFOs. Yours looks great!

diamondc said...

Wonderful project stand, love that it has a magnet board inside.
Love the sampler so pretty.
Good luck to your Husbands retirement, I retire 10/15.