Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Three "O's"

That's right.  I am suffering from Over-weight, Out of shape and Old Age!  Never was it so evident as I was charging through my chore list of yard work yesterday.  When did bags of mulch get heavier?  LOL.   That said I have the yard almost ready.  Just a small free form bed out back to weed and mulch and a foundation garden to be raked and I should be done.   Oh and there is that property line bed that I think I need professional help with.  I did double the size of my vegetable garden this year and it is now ready to plant.  I seem to start later and later every year.   This year I am justifying it by saying we had a later start of spring.  Kind of like I justify my more frequent breaks in my yard work as the need to rehydrate.  Hmm.  I see a pattern here.....again with Robin being able to justify just about anything she sets her mind to.

I haven't stitched too much since I got back from OCMD.  Have you ever had those times when you just can't seem to get enough sleep?  That's where I seem to be right now.  My days and nights are mixed up.  I seem to fall asleep shortly after I sit in the recliner and with my stitching on my lap without a stitch being done and I wake in the predawn hours.  I can't blame it on my fitness routine for sure.   I did something to my Achilles and put my walking shoes aside until it is less tender.  Seems the 'cure' the sports medicine guy suggested just made other things hurt worse!  Anyway, going to ease back into the treadmill this week and maybe even start bike riding in the evenings.

So if I haven't been on the treadmill, I haven't been reading.  I started To Kill A Mockingbird which I don't believe I have ever read.  It has been shelved for two weeks and I may need to start over!  Remember, I have the three second memory of a goldfish.

As for stitching, I am moving along with the guild stitching along.  I am on schedule so far.  The dividing row of what I call the haystacks and two rows of verse are this month's assignment.  I should have no problem keeping on track.

Lizzie Kate is nearing the finish line.  It shouldn't be long now.  I did frog the bees after Stacy S. suggested the Wee Bee buttons instead.  Looking forward to finishing up and adding the embellishments.  Hmmm, after my vow to start a yoga routine every morning it is going to take a bite out of my a.m. stitching time.

Back to the yard for me today after a quick trip to the grocery store.   Yesterday I was visited by several 'hummers' but didn't have my camera.  I heard them before I saw them.  They are fascinating to watch.

Have a great week all and thanks so much for stopping by and I leave you with these lovely photos from the Wilmington Garden Tour.   I celebrated Mother's Day early last week with my daughter and friend with a fabulous day of gorgeous gardens and fun with the girls.


Daniela Bencúrová said...

Your garden is beautiful!
Lake and boat - great!
I also like your embroidery !!!

Robin said...

What gorgeous pictures from the Wilmington Garden tour! Your WIPs look good. And I, too, am blessed by your three O's.

Happy Mother's Day!

Robin in Virginia

Catherine said...

Haha! The three O's are occurring around here too....not liking them!

Lynn said...

Beautiful pics!

Lillie said...

Beautiful progress photos of your stitching.

Thanks for sharing the serene garden photos.

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching. Great photos of the garden tour.

Justine said...

I have two Os and heading towards 3! Your stitching is beautiful and those gardens - wow! And how cute are those wee bee buttons?!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: lovely garden pictures, thank-you for sharing them with us.
Love your stitching choices they are lovely.