Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hey! It's Actually Worked!

As so often I have these brainstorms which once completed resemble the mess of palm fronds and driftwood after a hurricane.   But this time it came together exactly (almost) as planned.

First I did mega consignment shopping this weekend.   I usually hit my favorite shop once a month and was ever so surprised to pull up to a yard sale in the parking lot as well as deep discounts on the booths inside.

Here's my loot.

Above, a collection of things, including the $2 chandelier which I have plans for!

The seller didn't know anything about the stitcher.   I am such a sucker when thinking of the time and effort the stitcher put into her work.  For $2 I couldn't go wrong.

Liberty sign marked $3, reduced to $1 because I hesitated. And some fat quarters of fabric ranging from $0.75 to $1.50.

Red, White & Blue basket with two Americana hand towels, $4, Watermelon slices, $1 each, $1 silk flag scarf,  and NIB Lenox Snowflake candle jar.  This will be a Christmas present for a friend who will be told where I got it and she will be proud of my shopping prowess!

 My splurge, $20 for this strawberry tote.   I can see this with so many uses.   First up will be picnic plates, napkins and plasticware!
 $1 silk scarf went right out to become a bow on my door decoration.

 The sampler found a quick home on top of my J. P. Coats and Clark cabinet.  I think I will have to wrap that blaring white easel with a piece of grosgrain or bias tape so as to not be jumping out at me!

So on to my plans......
I took the $2 chandelier, removed the wiring, cleaned with steel wool and then spray painted.  At this point if my plans fail I can always make this into a spider for Halloween!

  I bought a can of spray paint for $3.57 and 5 stake style solar lights at $0.97 each.

I took apart the solar stake-style lights and filed down the bases of the lenses.  

 I used my glue gun to secure the lens in place and hung the lamp!    

I wanted this off a wrought iron hook mounted on the house to hang over my round deck table but Mr. W. had some thoughts on that.   Not to be dissuaded, I pulled out a plant hook and hung this gem from my pergola.   For under $12 and under an hour's worth of time (not counting drying time for the paint), I created a little more ambience for my outside room!  Can't wait to see how it looks tonight.  It won't be bright enough to stitch from but I sure can drink a glass of sangria by it!

As always, all photos are clickable for larger filmstrip view.   Thanks for stopping by and have a great week full of stitching, family and friends!


wenhkc said...

What bargains. The chandelier looks wonderful. I did a little thrift shopping too and found French Provence yard for $1, among other sewing items. I feel like I got a bargain too!

Robin said...

I really like what you did with the chandelier. Very creative! Great use for the scarf as well. What a great stitch find!

Robin in Virginia

Shebafudge said...

Wow! You picked up some wonderful bargains there! Congratulations. x

Lynn said...

Love the chandelier!!

Edgy38 said...

I love the chandelier. Did you get that idea at Barretts Run??

Lillie said...

Wonderful and what a great haul !
The chandelier looks great.

cucki said...

Wow everything is looking so beautiful..
Great bargain.
Hugs xx

Faith... said...

Love love love your chandelier project! I may have to steal that idea! You were a great shopper; so many great finds.