Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stitch from Stash August Re-cap

Not a whole lot of progress to report.

Stitch from Stash Recap

July carry forward - $33
August allotment -  $25
Credit for finishing - 54 x 54 stitches - $4
(Squarelogy Pin Cushion)
New balance - $62

Got to get stitching and finishing to grow that balance!  I hope to have completed a
pre-stitch for an October class to earn some $$$ next month.   Maybe I should focus
on some close-to-finished WIP's to build that bank before I am off to Jamboree in
October.   That weekend will surely extinguish my Stitch from Stash budget!


Esmeralda said...

Well done on your sfs budget
Good idea to finish some wips for extra credit :)
That is what i am doing also, i like to buy a chatelaine on the end of the year so i am trying to finish as much as possible and no spending
Curious what you are saving for
Have a lovely day

diamondc said...

Great idea, I am also working on wips and jumping from one to the other.
What are you saving for? I like to hear about a stitchers future plans.