Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer is coming to an end

August is wrapping up with high temperatures and humidity.  I have been making the circuit around the yard to spruce up the flower beds.   Wheelbarrows full of crab grass and out of control ground cover.  I actually could weed for hours (and do!).  Weeding or any gardening is so meditative to me.  No worries, no stress, just thinking about the next weed to pull or the next spade of dirt you will turn over.  I have replanted my vegetable garden with radishes, collard greens, arugula and lettuce.   Since I am a novice at vegetable gardening, it could go either way.  Hopefully, mid-September I will be again harvesting fresh lettuce.  Today I will be back at it deadheading the coreopsis and coneflowers, crushing the flower heads to release the seeds in the land behind me.  One can always hope that some will make an appearance next spring.

I have put stitching on my one guild SAL  aside while I do pre-work for a class in October.   I did prep my linen by basting it for the smalls for an EGA SAL which will start in September.   It is called Pining to Stitch and is a design from Denise Harrington Pratt of the New England Region EGA.  The project consists of a needlework, pin keep, biscournu, scissors fob, scissors sheath and tool pocket.

What makes the pine cone look so real is the dimension the buttonhole stitches add.   By the time I finish this set of smalls I will be an expert at the detached buttonhole stitch or I will decide I never ever want to use that stitch again!

I have picked up some different pine cone fabrics for the back and sewing pocket but of course I need to go to the quilt show mid September to check out the fat quarters for perhaps a more perfect pine cone fabric.  I really don't need much encouragement to attend this annual show.

Now to share that I am getting a bit freaked out here.  I crossed a second thing off my bucket list.   That makes two things in one week!  I wrote the list years ago and in all that time nothing was crossed off and now two in one week.    This second one was to sit with a Medium.   Freaky I know and not something that everyone believes in.  This woman told me things so inconsequential about my mom and her possessions that there is no way, no matter how much internet research she did about me prior, she could have ever know.  The simple description of a decorative tin that was my mother's that is in my house and the contents of that tin!  Freaky.  I felt good afterwards because of the reassurance my mom was fine and pride she said my mom had for me.  Thankfully the friend I went with recorded it and when I replayed it there were other small things that were spot on that I missed.

Coming up for September I am going to Bermuda and I am watching the hurricane predictions!  So far, look like nothing is heading that way.  I have never been and I have plans to go helmet diving and swim in caves.  Of course there will be some reading and stitching while I relax on the deck while enjoying the drink of the day.  I am so lucky to have a coworker who is my travel companion.  Work has been stressful for both of us and it will be another great girls week.

So off to the yard for me......I have plans to wrap everything up early this afternoon so I can enjoy a swim and some stitching pool side.  

Stitch well my friends.


Jennifer M. said...

Your trip to Bermuda sounds lovely! Enjoy it. Have fun in your garden. It is too hot and humid in South Florida to do anything outside.

Parsley said...

Wonderful stitching eye-candy! Glad to be back blogging and to visit blogs again. Looking forward to seeing more.

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh that pinecone looks so real, love the look, sometimes I finish an ornament and wish I had used a different fabric for backing, good luck on finding the perfect print.
Love the Smalls pictures, I look forward to seeing them finished.
I know what you mean about checking off of a list, it seems like some things just sit for so long and then to check off two in the same week is very very good.