Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Due to busy schedules we didn't do our Labor Day Annual Thompson Park Picnic so it has kind of been a lazy weekend.  

I managed to get the first of my two pre-stitch pieces completed and the second started.   I don't know if I am making a mistake sharing them.  I didn't see anything that says I can't so here goes.

 It is hard to see in with the pear but you can see with the apple that I did my rows on a diagonal so the color changes go on an angle.

Both were relatively quick little stitches.  I can just imagine the cutest of cute buttons that JABCo will have for us to place in the unstitched area!

Even though I lazed I did some good work and combined datebooks this weekend.   Not only did I forget my son's anniversary but I also overlooked my daughter-in-law's birthday!  Yikes!   And I have three perpetual calendars.  I get that I can do everything electronically but for me I want that datebook in my hand.   Just like some people don't want to give up the honest-to-goodness book for an e-reader, I take comfort in the datebook.  I just need to remember to open it and read the entries.  I make entries of births, deaths and anniversaries much like our grandparents did in the family bible.  For now, don't try to persuade me to come into the new milinuem and leave my paper datebook/perpetually calendar.

I made sure everything was entered into the nice new one from my daughter - it has has ALL the dates in it and I am going to toss the others.   I vow to be more alert and to open it monthly to see what it coming.

Now, as for my sad and sorry Rolodex of addresses and passwords, yes, I think I will make sure they are all moved into the electronic world.

What a difference, that to this little pile of business cards.   I pledge to enter five a day and will be done before I know it. (I actually sat on the deck after dinner with a nice cup of coffee and entered everything!)

Later today I will be dragging out the suitcase and start packing.  It just seems to get easier every time that I swear I am forgetting something.   Most anything I could forget save my passport, RX's or stitching could be purchase so there really is no worry.   Like who in their right mind would leave without a passport or stitching project?  Rx's maybe.   Now, I just need to decide which stitching project I take......hmmmm....vacation usually means a new start......drat, I will never decrease that UFO pile if I continue at this rate.

Thank you to the wonderful unions of our forefathers who saw fit that not only should be get weekends off but we should have a three day weekend annually to celebrate!  Wishing everyone a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.


Robin said...

You are not the only one with a paper planner/datebook. It also houses my address book and needed phone numbers. I like physical books also. Hope you have a fabulous vacation! What project did you decide on?

Robin in Virginia

DebbieSFL said...

I am so bad at forgetting things when I pack, that I finally created a packing spreadsheet that I keep on my computer and printout ever time I take a trip and manually check things much easier.

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Love your stitching.
I have forgotten our Anniversary, now that is something a Man only does, giggles.
I miss birthdays and other events so silly I know but the only excuse I have is I am getting old, giggles.
I maybe would forget my passport but not my stitching its like missing an arm or finger.