Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mancuso Quilt Show

Wow!  What inspiration.   I prefer traditional style and patchwork quilts but that does not mean I don't appreciate the work and talent of any fabric project.   Sadly the show has decreased in size slightly each year.   Vendors used to fill the main hall and parts of the second when I started to attend several years ago.  Vendors now occupy about 90% of the first hall.   I so hope that quilt shows don't go the way of CATS and other cross stitch/needlework shows.  Here's photo show of my wanderings.

One of the Challenges was Farm to Fabric Challenge.   Absolutely fascinating to see the different interpretations of the seamstresses.   I apologize in advance if I have mislabeled any....my notes started out neat and clear but then......

This one, I believe was "Daffodils".    I thought it looked more like corn stalks.

American as Apple Pie

Not sure if the next three were part of the challenge.....

Fresh Beginnings

Field of Dreams

Plum, Plum Blossom 9 Patch

 Another Challenge - The American Made Brand Challenge - This is license plates representing all 50 states.

 I would never think to put turquoise, orange, lime and purple together.   
The camera doesn't capture how cool it looked.  

 I liked the planning that went into this where the color blocks intersecting.

This must have been a challenge also.   We saw this pattern repeated in several quilts.

I loved the nest.   Reminded me of the floss and yarn scrapes I throw in the 
garden for the birds to pick up and use for their nests.

A bit of whimsy.....I love when people think out of the box!  The asparagus tops were crocheted.

Maryland Blue Claw!

One of my best creations!  AKA Photo Bomber!

This one was stunning.   All the texture is just from the stitching.  
  The recesses were created by massive amounts of stippling stitches.   How this is not a ribbon winner I don't know.

First Place Winner

 Close up of above

Another blue ribbon quilt

 This one may have been my favorite blue ribbon winner

Or maybe this one was my favorite!  So hard to pick just one as a favorite.

It was a great quilt show and a great day with my daughter.   We always have so much fun together.   I am so blessed that my daughters are stitchings and sewers as well.   We both wish we knew we needed to make a baby quilt when we were at the show!


Christine said...

Some of those quilts are stunning ~ thank you for sharing the photos!

Lillie said...

WoW! what an amazing displays, the quilts are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

moosecraft said...

That last one is my favorite! I'm such a sucker for appliqued flowers and houses! :-)