Sunday, October 4, 2015

Welcome October

Well here we are in the fourth quarter of the year already.   We (almost) needed the AC on in the beginning of the week if only for the humidity and today we need a quick run of the heater to get the dampness out of the house.   I had my first discussion with Mr. W. about perhaps we may wish to consider being snowbirds.   His response.....hmmm, if it fits into his retirement plan.  Wow, at least he didn't totally dismiss it like I was a crazy wintering in Florida may be in my (distant) future!    One can wish.....and actually, I don't know if I am really a fan of Florida but I guess I could take one for the team and try it.  Maybe we can start with renting a place for a couple of months one year and see.....but enough....

My hoop is mounted on my new stitching frame
from Notforgotten Farm.   
Stitching wise I haven't been able to put in much stitching time.   No progress at all on my Guild SAL but I plan to get back to it and tackle it in earnest before the month if over.

I have been concentrating my efforts on my EGA SAL and I have to say it is one I am really enjoying.  I think the instant gratification from the quick finish of each small helps.   I am using my hoop mounted on my new stitching frame from Notforgotten Farm.   I am loving the stand.   It helps me stitch with both hands and move faster.

This is the biscournu top.
First pine cone completed and three to go

Here's the finished front of the scissors keeps.       

My plan once I finish the biscournu is to put Pining To Stitch aside until after the first if the year to allow me time to finish my Girls of the Guild SAL by the January deadline.

That's all I've got folks.......except to be looking forward to heading to OCMD mid-week.   My stitching friends and I are attending Jamboree at Salty Yarns.  Of all the places I go I do so look forward to these trips to the beach with my girlfriends the most.


Robin said...

The pinecone looks great! Enjoy your retreat time at the beach!

Robin in Virginia

Lynn said...

Your weather should be much better than ours! Tried a new restaurant, Fat Fish, that is very good!

Christine said...

Love that stitch on the pinecone ~ I've never seen that before. Such great texture! Envious of your trip to OCMD ~ enjoy!

Clare said...

Lovely pine cone. Nice to see using different stitches to get a lovely look.Happy Stitching.

Stasi said...

Look forward to meeting you in person at Salty Yarns--have a safe trip!

Melody said...

Those pinecones are amazing!! Love it!

Catherine said...

Love your stitches!! Enjoy your time away!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those pine cones are awesome! I cannot believe the detail in them.
This is going to be a really special set of accessories.

Weronika said...

Amazing pinecones you've stitched. You've done a great job at this piece.