Saturday, October 24, 2015

Start from Stash

I have had this in my stash of projects for several years and kept putting off starting it even though I
really wanted to.   This is called "An Acorn for Andrew" by Tomorrow's Antiques.  I have done very little beading before.  Really never more than just embellishing here and there.  I read the directions put them down, picked them up and reread and then threw caution to the wind and started.  First stitch in and the directions say .....1059 to go!  Crazy.  

Mr. Squirrel is starting to take shape.

I actually thought this would not be a very good take along project but it is.  I just load up the good old beading tray and I am ready to get in a couple of rows at lunch time.  This is really stitching up pretty fast.  Started on Tuesday and I am almost halfway completed.  I don't know why I was so intimidated!   And it's another scissors fob!    Let the stash busting continue!

I also have a finish to share.   Yes, of course, I plowed ahead and assembled my biscournu.  I might have stuffed it a little firmer but really this will most like just sit in the basket with my other smalls.   This is another piece that slightly intimidated me.   Those buttonhole bars!  I really dreaded them but they were EZ-PZ and once you got going you got into a really rhythm.

 Love love love the pin cone button!  I am ahead of schedule on this SAL so I think I will put the other pieces aside and go back to my Girls from the Guild SAL.  Six rows to go and I am done.   This SAL wraps up the second Saturday of January and I am sure I can make that deadline.   Pix of my progress next time.

Next up, hmmm, more routing around me stash perhaps!


moosecraft said...

Your pinecone biscornu stitched up beautifully! The blanket stitch bars really brought the pinecones to life! Good luck with the beading... looks nice, but alas, I am not patient enough to try it! lol!

Robin said...

Your Squirrel project looks great! I am assuming it is totally stitched with beads. Your biscornu looks great. I am still in awe of your pinecones. Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Justine said...

Your work is beautiful, especially that gorgeous biscornu! I don't blame you for stash diving, it looks like you have some lovely stash!

diamondc said...

That biscornu is beautiful, love the pinecone buttons.


Stasi said...

We definitely like the same things!! You know I did the biscornu but I also did the beaded scissor fob several years ago!